F.M. Riley (10 June 2018)

Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
"Look up," and Do Not Be Discouraged,
The Lord God Still Has His
                                                                                               By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                               June 3, 2018
     "Yet I have left Me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him,"  1 Kings 19:18.  
      On this Sunday morning, June 3rd, I have been praying for some of my brothers and sisters in Christ, who I know are having a hard way to go today, and also about what the Lord would have me to study and write on.   I do pray for the Lord to lay on my heart the subjects He wants me to study and write on in His Word, that will bless His people, and be of benefit to lost seeking souls.
     Praise the Lord!  He answered my prayers this morning in a wonderful way.  This study is one of the answers.   I pray it will be both enlightening and a blessing to every reader.......
Elijah's Discouragement
    Who was ancient Israel's greatest prophet?  This question is easy to answer.  It was ELIJAH!   Why do I believe and say this?  Because.....
      It was Elijah who appeared with Moses on the mount of transfiguration, during the personal ministry of Christ, Matthew 17:3; Mark 9:4.  And.....
     It will be Elijah who will be sent back to minister to modern Israel, as one of God's "two witnesses" during the coming Tribulation period, Malachi 4:5-6; Revelation 11:3-4.  So let's renew our acquaintance with Elijah.....
      When ancient Israel went deeply into apostasy against the Lord, during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel, it was Elijah, who became downhearted and discouraged.   Carefully study 1 Kings 19.  Elijah became so discouraged, and fearful for his life, that he fled into the wilderness of Judah, 1 Kings 19:3-4.  He was so discouraged that he actually ask God to allow him to die.  However God had other plans.  Elijah had no food, yet the Lord God provided food for him, 19:6.  Then "the angel of the Lord" escorted Elijah on a forty day and forty night journey, taking Elijah from the wilderness of Judah  all the way to Mount Horeb, 19:8.  
Mount Horeb - Mount Sinai
     Does the reader take God's Word at face value for what it actually and literally says?  Every true believer should!  
     Mount Horeb is the exact same mountain as Mount Sinai, where Moses was given the Law.  That mountain has two names in the Bible.  The first name is Sinai, as set forth in Exodus 16:1, 19:1, and 35 more places in the Bible.  But the second name is Horeb, which occurs 17 times in the Old Testament,  These two different names are speaking of the exact same mountain.  Why am I emphasizing this?
     For the knowledge and enlightenment of God's people.  The mountain commonly referred to today as Mount Sinai, is as phony as a four dollar bill.  The inspired Word explicitly states here in 1 Kings 19:8 that Elijah went "forty days and forty nights unto Horeb, the mount of God."  Believe it!  
     Dear readers, it is not a forty day journey to the phony mountain which is today claimed to be Mount Sinai.  This phony mountain is near the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, and located on the mountain is St. Catherine's Monastery.  It is documented history that the Catholic religion selected this mountain when they decided to build a monastery  there, and proclaimed it to be Mount Sinai.   Hello!  
     However, the real Mount Sinai is located in the nation of Saudia Arabia, a long ways from the phony mountain in the Sinai.  A few years ago, a dedicated Christian brother drove into the desert of Saudia Arabia and located the real mountain.  And guess what?  The Muslim religion knows that the real Mount Sinai is in their territory.  They have
completely surrounded the mountain with barbed wire, guard towers, and search lights, and it is guarded 24 hours a day to keep any Jewish or Christan "snoopers" from discovering the deception.  The brother wrote a book on the subject, The Real Mt. Sinai, complete with photographs, maps, and illustrations. He also made a formal request to the Saudi government to allow him to go up the mountain.His request was denied.  
     And yes, a man traveling by foot from the wilderness of Judah would likely have to walk a good forty days to reach the true Mount Sinai in Saudia Arabia.  The phony mountain in the Sinai Peninsula?  One can drive there in their car today.  If I recall correctly, the Lord Jesus warned His disciples to "beware of false prophets" who would come dressed "in sheep's clothing," Matthew 7:15.  I believe the Muslims refer to the  founder of their religion as "a prophet."
Back to Elijah
     When Elijah reached Mount Sinai, he took refuge in a cave.  There, at the entrace to the cave,  the Lord spoke to Elijah "in a still small voice," 1 Kings 19:13.  And there Elijah laid his complaint before the Lord God, telling the Lord how the Jewish people had turned away from the Lord, and claimed that he was the only one left who was still serving the Lord, 19:14.  The Lord's answer to Elijah was to deflate Elijah's ego, and let him know that there were still seven thousand of the Jewish people, who had not "bowed unto Baal," and "which has not kissed him," 19:18.  It was customary in that time for idol worshippers to bow before their idol gods of stone and wood, and to kiss them during their worship of them.  There is only one religion that I am personally aware of today, which continues this practice.  
      Our World Today
     Just as the Lord prophesied, in this repetition of "the days of Noah" today, [Luke 17:26-27] sin and wickedness, and apostasy, is abounding in about every area of life one wants to examine.  If a true believer spends much time thinking about the sin and wickedness that is going on all around us today, they can easily become very discouraged.
       I truly believe this is why the Apostle Paul was inspired of God to write Philippians 4:8, "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."     
     But No!  You are not, I am not, the few believers you may associate with are not, the only ones still loving and serving the Lord.  The Lord God still has reserved to Himself, His faithful "7000," who have not bowed or caved in to this wicked world system.  The faithful few today who still live separated, holy, lives, who do not indulge in the wicked pleasures and practices of this present world, who still study their Bibles and pray, and seek the Lord's presence and guidance in their lives, and who still assemble together in church capacity with other believers, where there is a Bible believing, Bible preaching, church with which to assemble.  The reader may not be aware of who they are, yet they are a part of God's "7000."  Is the reader of this study one of them?  
     Sometimes today true churches are hard to find, for many churches today have compromised with the world, and now preach a "social gospel."  But as long as a true believer has a Bible, they can still study it in their home, and receive the blessings of God for having done so.  Read again John 6:63, 15:3 and Hebrews 4:12.  
One of the 7000?  
      As I was meditating on these things today, and praying for the Lord's encouragement and guidance, another believer sent me the following news report......
     A lady by the name of Jalene Hinkle was offered an opportunity to become a part of the U.S. Women's National Team [I have no idea what "team" this is referring to, for the report did not say].  To become a part of that team had been a lifelong dream of hers.  But she verbally and pubicly turned it down.  Why?  Because she would be required to wear one of their "team" uniforms, and their uniforms display advertising in support of the homosexual movement.  She has stated publicly that this movement is absolutely against her beliefs.  Now she is being verbally and viciously  attacked by the news media, and by some in professional sports.  I do not know whether this lady is a true believer or not, but it appears that she has strong moral convictions.   Is she one of God's "7000?"  I do not know, but please pray for her.    
     Even in such sin and wickedness, as is being practiced in America today, the Lord God still has His people [7000...?], like Jalene Hinkle,  who have not bowed their knees to Baal, neither have they kissed him.  Look up, dear readers!  Encourage yourself in the Lord Jesus, and His Word.  We are not alone, in this battle for righteousness, Hebrews 13:5.  
     Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you Lord Jesus!  
Another News Item
     The coming of our Lord will not be over, until it's over!  The nation and people of Israel will observe the 51st anniversary of the Six Day War  of 1967, beginning on June 5th, just two days from this writing.  
     I am old enough to vivedly remember that war.  There was a massive gathering of troops by Syria on the north of Israel, and by Egypt on the south of Israel, along with Jordan, who had possession of half of the city of Jerusalem on the east.  Jordan was saying nothing about their intentions when the war would break out, but it was expected that Jordan would ally themselves with Syria and Egypt, and they did!.  There was great public boasting on the part of those nations, that they were going to drive Israel into the sea.  Other Muslim nations were encouraging Syria and Egypt by providing some troops and military equipment to the gathering armies.  More than 100,000 troops were preparing to launch an attack against little Israel on all three fronts, however they never publicly said when they were going to attack.  
     But little Israel was able to gather enough information to learn that the attack was planned for June 6th.  And yes, there were indeed some real surprises in that war.  But it wasn't Israel who was surprised!  
     Before daybreak on June 5th, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike against all three countries.  Israel's airforce bombed Egypt's airbase, and destroyed the entire Egyptian air force before Egypt could even get their planes off the ground.  Neither Syria nor Jordan had that much of an airforce, and the few planes they did manage to get into the air were quickly shot down by the Isreali fighter planes.  
     By June 7th Israeli soldiers had driven the Jordanians completely out of Jerusalem, and the whole city was back in the possession of Israel for the first time in 1,897 years.  I watched all of the reports of the war on TV, and cheered, and rooted, and prayed for Israel.  On the 8th day of June hundreds of the Jewish people who were not fighting, went into the old city of Jerusalem and kissed the ground and stones of the city, and gave worship and praise to the God of Israel, for giving them back their beloved city.  
     Egypt had an entire armada of tanks they planned to use against Israel, but Egypt made the bad mistake of sending their tanks through the Mitla pass in the mountains.  That pass is very narrow, so that only one tank at a time could get through the pass.  That forced Egypt to line up their tanks to go through the pass.  As such, they were "sitting ducks" for  Israel"s planes and artillery  to blast them out of existence.
     And oh yes!  Many of Egypt's tank drivers just abandoned their tanks and fled into the desert.  Why?  Because they later swore that as they approached the Mitla Pass they literally saw a "giant Moses" in the sky above the mountains, and that he would raise his arm above his head.  Then each time he dropped his arm, the Israeli shells would blow their tanks all to pieces.  The Egyptians who reported this, said they had no doubt that God was fighting for Israel.  Folks, this was actually reported in newspapers and on TV back then.     
     Israel's forces then pushed into both Egypt and Syria.  The Israeli forces were within just a few miles of the capitol cities of Cairo, Egypt, and Damascus, Syria when the U.N., Russia, and America, called for a cease fire, and the war was halted on the 10th day of June.  Just six days and the little nation of Israel had whipped the pants off of a hundred thousand enemy soldiers gathered against them.  What a miracle of God's goodness and grace towards His chosen people.  Glory to God!
      The anniversay of that Six Day war will be observed this week beginning on June 5th.  Is that date a "possibility" for the coming of our Lord to resurrect and rapture His Church and New Covenant believers out of this present evil world?  Galatians 1:3-4.  I don't know, but.......
      It is still in the Spring of the year, Songs 2:8-13.  Think about it!  
     Dear readers, all of the "signs" the Lord told His people to "watch" for, as an indication of His coming to resurrect and rapture His people to glory, have already come to pass, or are coming to pass nearly every day.  If any presently unsaved reader is hoping to be saved before the rapture occurs, and you are left behind to go into the terrible Tribulation period, then you better be calling upon the Lord for salvation right now, Romans 10:8-13; John 3:36; 5:24.   
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