Fay (3 June 2018)
"The new Italy"

This is a huge deal. The EU elite are running scared. They have bullied Britain ever since our Brexit referendum and our spineless government have yet to cut the wretched ties that bind us to this ridiculous union. I have a feeling that this Italian move will give our Brexit a second wind. The timing is incredible. It could only come from God. Just as the British are feeling the ripple effects of the Free Tommy situation - the Italians throw in a game changer. The hideous European Union is starting to unravel. They face few options. Either they foment a war to divert attention away from themselves or they capitulate. My guess is that they will grab at anything to remain relevant.

As an aside - I dislike this term "populist". It is said with a sneer. As in the popular vote of the people is somehow awful. When I last looked - this is what is called democracy. The popular vote of the majority. The screaming liberals are even changing the meaning of a legitimate action (the popular, majority vote) into some sort of societal disease. They are astonishingly blind. Brainwashed automatons. 

Please come quickly LORD Jesus.

New Italian govt vows to create jobs, deport migrants