Fay (3 June 2018)
"The Times"

That we are living in. Truly frightening times. If one is politically aware - one knows that the times, they are a changing (kudos to Bob Dylan). There is a plethora of you tube videos showing the blow back. I watched one that made me laugh. Speakers Corner, in London's Hyde Park had a middle class, middle aged British woman speaking her piece against the perils of Islam. She was elegant and controlled. Not abusive. She stated facts and figures. A young Islamic woman - dressed in the full hijab paraphernalia - tried to disrupt her speech. To my absolute delight, the normally "too polite to object" Londoners booed her off. They weren't aggressive - they were just utterly bored by the Islamic mantra. Seriously indifferent and ...almost amused. They saw the Islamic chick off with bored, 'had enough' derision. She didn't stand a chance. This is new, Doves. It is incredible to see. I have linked it for you below.

People have had enough. The "religion of peace" schtick is just not hacking it anymore. Again - how telling is it that the fight back has started from the secular world? Hey - I'm not claiming to be the world's greatest Christian activist - but, then again, I am certainly not high profile. I don't have a lucrative you tube channel or money making ministry. Making money out of God. It is essential that these high profile Pastors begin to mobilize the evangelical world. Urging everyone to make a stand. A non-violent stand but a loud one. A strong one.

I am sick to death of assuming the victim role. We are not victims. We are privileged. We have the Holy Spirit. I am stomach sick at the way our Middle eastern and African brothers and sisters have been treated. And ignored.