Fay (3 June 2018)
"Information of Protests in Europe"

Here are a few links re the Tommy Robinson firestorm. Plus some links for the Italy debacle. Well worth watching and absorbing. Please forward this information to everyone you know. The fightback has begun. Our prayers are needed. We need to stand firm and strong as the army of Christ.
The first link is one I recommend you sit through in it's entirety.

I could bang on and on and on but it's abundantly clear just who our enemy is. Our Judeo-Christian faith is under severe attack. Our way of life. Our freedoms. We need to wake up..... properly. Israel - "the woman" ... the birth mother of our LORD Jesus and our Christian faith - is the front line state. Israel will be attacked. No question. Europe has been infiltrated and is being used to facilitate this attack. The United Nations has been infiltrated and is being used to facilitate this attack. 

We need to pray like we have never prayed before. We need strength, courage and wisdom. We need to fully recognise our enemy and their tactics. Our prayers are POWERFUL. Most of all - we need to speak up and out. It's ironic that it has taken the secular world to make a visible stand against Islam. We should have been screeching about Islamic persecution of our brothers and sisters years ago.

I am calling upon all our high profile Christian pastors. The people who make a living out of God.... to start shouting and demanding. Making our voices heard. In defense of our brothers and sisters in the biblical lands. In defense of our Judeo-Christian faith. SOD being politically correct. You people have the platform - the you tube viewers - the high profile celebrity chums. We DEMAND that you make our voices heard.

Step up to the plate before it's too late. To whom much has been given - much is required in return.

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