Fay (3 June 2018)
"Poking the Hornets Nest"

Remember, Doves.... what we are witnessing is the final kingdom of Daniel's statue. Writing in agony. Hissing, spitting and spewing poison. Evil is clumsy and this situation graphically emphasizes that. I am blown away by the wisdom of this young American lad, who clearly has a handle of what is going on. Young people get such a bad rap in the press which is totally unjustified. The young are waking up to what is going on.

This American lad has succinctly linked what is happening to the UK, to the utter mess and media manipulation in the USA. Calling a spade a spade - we are actually all living in a police state. And it happened without us realising it. Bible believing Christians have been warning about this stuff but this awakening of the secular world is breathtaking. It has almost happened overnight.

We are in the end days. Please watch this video clip and recognise that we Christians are not alone anymore.