Fay (10 June 2018)
"Most Fascinating from Breaking Israel News"

Tying it all together, the bigger picture starts to emerge. The fightback against Islam has begun. It's almost as if everyone is waking up to the fact that Islam is our enemy. The murk has cleared. And it took Donald Trump. The POTUS is draining the swamp - world-wide. I digress - but it is relevant. The liberal left are dangerous. They obfuscate and destroy. People power is starting to emerge. This is Almighty God's doing.

It's obvious, from prophecy, that the Islamic world (aided and abetted by the Soros / Obama crowd) are facing defeat. Their next move will be to violently attack Israel. They have few options left. It's now or never. The "Palestinian" debacle will no longer be funded willy nilly. Their lies are being exposed. Their backs are against the wall. We won't have to hold our breath for too much longer. This article is revealing on so many levels.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and they will be done, Father God. In Jesus' beloved Name.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.