Elliot Hong (10 June 2018)
"Could June be the Appointed Month?"

Dear Doves:

Here are 5 dates to watch in June.

1) 6/9 is 99 days from 3/2 when the funeral for Billy Graham who died at the age of 99 was held.

    3/2 was the 8th Purim from the 8.8 Concepcion sign.

    99 is 33(Promise) x 3.

    6/9 in US is 6/10 in Singapore, and Trump and Kim Jung Eun are scheduled to arrive at Singapore on 6/10.

2) Undoubtedly, a big size letter that Trump received from Kim represents a Masonic Apron.

     And there could be a conspiracy behind the Summit.

     Thus a period from 6/11 to 6/13 is for high alert.

     6/11 is the middle of 311 and 911.

     6/12 is 18(6+6+6).

     6/13 represents Men and Apostasy.

3) 6/14 is the new Moon of Tammuz.

     We all know the importance of New Moon, and Tammuz was the month that the Israelites worshipped the gloden calf.

4) 6/20 is 50 days from 5/2 which was Iyar 17 of Pesach Sheni.

     In the Bible, God used First and Second as a metaphor for Flesh and Spirit.

     Genesis 41:32 can be applied for the 2nd Shavout as well.

     Hawaii volcanic eruption has begun from 5/2 which was the 33rd day (Lag BaOmer) of the Omer counting from 4/1.

     Guatemala volcanic eruption has begun from 6/3 which was the 33rd day (Lag BaOmer) of the Omer counting from 5/2.

     This could be a confirmation that 50 days counting from Iyar 17 of Pesach Sheni is correct.

5) I know a sister who had a vision that the Rapture occurs during the World Cup.

    2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15.

No one knows the day or the hour, but it's very close.