Clay Cantrell (3 June 2018)
"Article on EMP, Solid Find with Ascii Values"

Readers - 

The article found at this link posted by KS Rajan on May 27th, 2018 is definitely worth reading. It discusses the ramifications of an EMP attack on the USA, but this scenario is valid for any country in the world attacked in like manner.

“EMP” is short for Electromagnetic Pulse (weapon).

Bob Ware has posted many interesting articles in the past on ascii values and I agree with him that they are one number system that God rules over and uses. 

Here is the link to a chart for ascii values:

was curious what the ascii value total was for the letters EMP, and theorized it might be based on 113. 

E = 69, M = 77, P = 80


Adding those values shows the ascii total for the three letters EMP = 226 (113 x 2)

We know 113 is pervasive. Lamech, the last of the nine Patriarchs in Genesis 5 prior to the birth of Noah, is 113 years old when Enoch is “taken”. 

Strong’s 226 hebrew = SIGN, first found in Genesis 1:14.

... lights in the sky for “SIGNS” and for seasons. 

That seems like a match! 

The “Catching Away” in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 (of which Enoch is the prototype) may coincide with an EMP attack on the USA and (I suspect) her allies, at least England. 

That may be why in my prophetic “Dream of the Atrium” there is a “pit” in the middle of the Atrium area. The pit matched Psalm 103:4. 

That dream is found here and I suggest you read it if you aren’t already familiar with it:

The pit may be an bomb impact crater of some kind. We (my helper and I) were throw into that dry pit area about three times, maybe four, without injury. Those three or four times may indicate how many (nuclear?) bombs fell. It also may indicate a location like the southwest United States. It seemed to be desert. 

I have complete faith in this dream being prophetic, meaning that God sent it and when correctly interpreted with the Holy Spirit’s help, it represents the future actions of God. 

So, having said that, I’m pretty confident that scene in the Atrium shows these things at a minimum:

1) The electricity to the area is out, maybe due to EMPs. 
2) The financial sector of the USA has “gone dark” (failed/collapsed). The lights were off and the windows were completely black. It was a corporate/financial office building. 
3) The pit area may represent an impact crator or crators and the entire area is below steet level. 
4) The timing of the attack(s) is maybe mid-day. In the dream, strong daylight is coming from somewhere above. 
5) My gut instincts tell me it was summer. 
6) During the attack’s, two prophetic puzzles were solved and then afterwards a certain Christian person dies, whose name the Lord revealed to me. 
7) The Catching Away promptly happens next represented by our exit through the steel (vault) doors and up the strange stairs. 
8) When I arrived to the upper level, street level, which is interpreted as Heaven, it was almost dusk and it was middle to late summer without question. I met someone there who has been dead almost 20 years. 

God bless you all as you read. 

Jesus is Lord <><