Sherry Vance (5 June 2016)
"Reply to Zion"

Shalom Zion;
     In answer to your question regarding that particular jubilee year I must tell you that I abandoned for the reason that there was no accurate way to determine the jubilee cycles.  In all the research I did I could only find "approximate dates", "most accepted dates", etc. etc.  The truth is, the Jubilee could only be counted while the Jews were in the Land, and even then they did not count it....which is why they ended up in exile in Babylon to start with.  But God DID keep count of the Jubilees and I sought to prove (to myself) that He not only kept count of the Jubilees, but that He enabled us to recognize the three most important jubilee cycles in the modern-day end times....because they are tied directly and inexplicably to ISRAEL'S RETURN to the LAND >>> 1917 when  General Allenby captured Jerusalem from the Turks......1967 when the 19 year old nation of Israel 'matured and took national responsibility" and captured the Temple Mount.....and the next fulfillment will be at the end of this first year of the new jubilee cycle > 2017 when the Temple will be built.  As Luis Vega pointed out in one of his exegesis, the modern-day jubilee cycles show a 3-2-1 countdown to the end of days.
     I have not shared this updated version of the Jubilee Timeline because frankly I did it for myself - to prove "time is up" and this is the jubilee cycle that will see the final fulfillment of the Second Coming and Kingdom on Earth.  Besides, most people don't understand "progressive revelation" is a process - "here a little, there a little, precept upon precept, line upon line.".....which often means you get some things wrong and have to go back and re-think things and try to get hold of a better understanding to make a determination.  The trouble with that is one loses "credibility" if they go back and change or correct something.  But if one did not change ideas or beliefs as issues and circumstances change, then one would be stuck in something that was in error.  It behooves us to study and change as our understanding changes.   Anyway, I'm copying the updated Timeline below but I have to say the introduction is necessary to get an understanding of the why and wherefore of what I wrote.  Most people don't like to take the time to read anything lengthy, but sometimes it's necessary.  So for what it's worth, here it is --- and even if no one else agrees with parts of it, or all of it; I'm convinced that God is about to be finished striving with men as He prophesied in Genesis.  And I am confident we are now in the 120th Jubilee Cycle.  What I learned in developing the timeline is historical events did not always happen in the first year of the new jubilee cycle, but more often than not, those events happened WITHIN the jubilee cycle, as you will see.  I hope this helps all who read it to see that TIME IS UP!...SO LIFT UP YOUR HEADS, FOR OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR!
                                  Introduction to the Timeline:
Among various rabbis and religious scholars, the dates for Creation vary from 4339 BC to 3761 BC; with the most widely accepted date today being Ussher's 4004 BC. (James Ussher was a 17th century Archbishop of Ireland and he relied solely on the data from the Scriptures to build his historic framework of the world being created in 4004 BC.)  HOWEVER, the modern day historic events, which would mark the accuracy of the end-times Jubilee cycles, were as yet unknown.
The date with which I begin this Creation Jubilee count not only falls within the parameters of the Ussher's estimated date, but also takes into account the "immortal years" after Creation, before the Fall of Adam, in addition with a counting of the jubilees from 6,000 years of human history, proving God's literal Word.  In other words, amazingly, we can now KNOW that we are in the very last days leading to the 120th Jubilee and that this is the generation which will see all things fulfilled!  
God's Jubilee countdown proves that He Himself has been keeping track of "time" into which His Appointed Times were, are, and will be fulfilled.  The counting of the Jubilees (in the Old Testament) was tied to the Jews being "in the Land."  But to try to calculate the Jubilee Year according to the exact conditions for agricultural activity and when they were in or out of the Land is an impossible feat.  Even when they were in the Land they did not observe the "land sabbaths" according to God's law.  In fact, this is the scriptural reason for Israel's 70 year Babylonian Exile > punishment for not keeping the sabbaths for the Land to rest....(the Sabbath cycles are tied inexplicitly to the 50 year Jubilee cycles.)  But God has indeed kept track of the passage of the Jubilees. 
In addition to the Sabbath cycles and Jubilee cycles, God has also been marking off "time" through the Dispensations He has instituted since Creation.  These dispensations also prove that God has dealt differently with men in different Ages.  There are 7 dispensations - 8 when you count Eternity:
     1) Innocence - Adamic - Tree
    2) Conscience - Pre-Noahic - Rainbow
    3) Government - Post Noahic - Circumcision
    4) Family - Abrahamic - Land
    5) Mosaic - Law - Sabbath
    6) Grace - Church Age - New Covenant
    7) Millennial - righteousness - Kingdom
    8) Eternity - Holiness - 8th Day New Beginning
It is easy enough to see how God gave every opportunity through these Dispensations for humanity to willingly come around to obey Him, love Him, and worship Him.  But there is more depth to the Dispensation than this.  The Dispensations are related to the Sabbatical cycles and the 120 Jubilee pattern of TIME.  As such, we can know for certain that this is the last Sabbatical cycle & Jubilee Year of this Dispensation of Grace, which is the Church Age.
God deals with patterns of numbers and repeating sequences in time.  The pattern of 'Time' is that the beginning is the same as the end and the end is the same as the beginning.  This is why God said He knows the end from the beginning - not just in His Omniscence, but also in His own intelligent design of symmetry, mirroring, order, which are seen in the 3 divisions of the 7 dispensations.
This pattern of time is fashioned after the Creation Week > 7 days.  And the dispensation of the Ages of human history is concurrent with there being a totality of a 7,000 year dimension of time & space.  So the main pattern is that of 7's.  It is a  factor seen in every dispensation.
There is another prevalent numerical pattern > that of 40.  It is a 3x factor within the 120 Jubilee prophetic time period.  The spiritual significance of 40 is that of a time of testing or evaluation....which at the end of the '40' is seen a "judgment", or a consequence or wrath. 
The Dispensations of the entire 120 Jubilee pattern of time are divided into 3 main Ages:  Antediluvian, Present, and Millennial Ages.  These 3 Ages have the factor of 40 that signifies a time of testing/judgment. These times of "testing" or judgments include wrath and deliverance occurring at these 3 dispensation junctions:
    1) Adam to Noah ---- 2000 yrs
    2) Noah to Jesus ---- 2,000 yrs 
    3) Jesus to Rapture -- 2,000 yrs
The 1st prophetic period of 40 Jubilees (40x50=2000 yrs) spans the time from Adam to Abram.....the 2nd prophetic period of 40 Jubilees (2,000 yrs) is from Abram to the Crucifixion......and the 3rd will be at the time from the Cross to the Rapture (2,000 yrs.).  This TIME pattern is consistent, reliable, and valid.
The 1st Dispensation spans the time from Adam in Paradise that was characterized by Innocence.  It is coupled with the 2nd dispensation the time of Conscience that leads up to the Flood of Noah.  (Right in the midst is the translation of Enoch at approximately the 1,000 year mark.)  These first 2 dispensations comprise the "past" aka the Antediluvian Age.  The third dispensation is characterized by the Abrahamic Covenant (relatively soon after the Flood up to the Cross of Jesus.)   It is interesting to note that the birth of Abram was in 1948 B.C. and the same pattern is seen in the duration of the Church Age after the Cross of Jesus to the "Terminal Generation" when Israel was birthed in 1948 A.D..  Combined, both dispensations encompassed the "Present Age" between two births related to the generation of 1948 BC and 1948 AD with CHRIST IN THE CENTER.  It is the birth of Abram that began the dispensation from where the Jewish people were to come forth as the bloodline of the Covenant which was confirmed through Isaac and Jacob (who officially became ISRAEL.)  
The point is, that as the generation that witnessed the timing of Abram's birth, as related to the generation that witnessed Israel's birth, this is the conclusion of the dispensation that will result in the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.  This pattern correlates to the end of the Church Age that completes the 120 Jubilee pattern of Time.  We are now in the "season" based on numerous astrological signs, eclipses, blood moons, Tetrads, super moons, and other biblically based patterns such as the sabbaths and the Shemitah.  All these are tied directly, and have their basis in, the timing of the liberation of the Temple Mount and reunification of Jerusalem in 1967...which occurred just before the beginning of this last Jubilee Cycle! 
In the 120 Jubilee pattern of time, each 1,000 years corresponds to the 1 day Creation pattern ('one day is as a thousand years' - 7 days of of Creation = 7,000 years of Time.)  The 120 Jubilee pattern of time (6,000 years designated for Man) depicts the various Covenants between Yahweh throughout human history that correlates, or matches, certain time junctions.  Such Covenants are benchmarks, or time markers, that are mathematically related to other key prophetic events. The point is, that such patterns repeat throughout the entire timeline enabling us to know when the birth of Israel was to occur and thus when the rapture is to occur.
So that would make 2015-2016 (which is the first year of this last "Modern-Day" Jubilee Cycle AND God's 120th Jubilee) the prophetic window when the Rapture would, should, and could take place!  At the end point of the 7-fold Church Age will be the convergence of the end of the 3rd pattern of 40 Jubilee prophetic markers that will culminate in a global judgment/wrath and deliverance of God's spiritual people - Believers/the Bride of Christ.
So now let's look at the calculations that are the prophetic pattern of the conclusion of the 120 Jubilees:   
    The 120 Jubilee pattern of Time is based on the count of "fifty"; however, factually a jubilee 'cycle' is 49 years for the reason that the 50th year is inclusive of the first year of the newsabbatical cycle.  So note the following equation as to the difference in years:
    49 yr. Jubilee cycle x 120 cycles = 5,880 yrs......a 120 yr. difference from 6,000 yrs..
In other words, subtracting 5,880 yrs. from the 6,000 year time span is a difference of 120 yrs.-which is a micro-pattern of the whole 120 Jubilee pattern of time.  The point is: the difference in years from 5,880 to 6,000 may be the 'code' of 120 (3x40=120) that point to the last 3 Modern-Day-Jubilees (with regards to Israel) which we are now able to recognize and are prophetically well aware of:  In other words, it is like a flashing neon calendar indicating what we are to EXPECT NEXT:
    3.  (1917) - Jerusalem
    2.  (1967) - Temple Mount
    1.  (2017) - Temple        
That is, we have been given notice of a 3-2-1 prophetic countdown to the global judgment and Rapture of the Church that will come before "God is finished striving with Man"...(and Israel) to complete the whole 6,000 year 120 Jubilee pattern of Time.
The 7's are the crucial pattern of Time....which work into Sabbaths....which work into Jubilees....which work into the 120 Jubilee pattern of Time; and as we have seen throughout history, at the end of the first two approximate
2,000 year Dispensational junctures (Adam to the Flood and the Flood to the Cross there has occurred a period of judgment and deliverance.  Therefore, if 2015-2016 is 1st year of the final "Modern-Day" Jubilee Year, then it will conclude with a deliverance (Resurrection/rapture) and a judgment (God's wrath upon the unbelieving world). What is seen in this pattern is that the juncture of the wrath judgment coincides with death & life simultaneously.  In the case of the 1st point of divine wrath judgment, the Flood had the effect of preserving the lives of Noah and his family.  This meant death to the world that was.  The point is, there will not be an "overlapping" of the Church Age spilling over into the 70th Week/Tribulation period.  This is solely based on the 2 prior 40x50=2,000 yr. prophetic time markers of the Flood and the Cross.   
To summarize, the 3rd juncture point of the 40x50=2,000 factor corresponds to the end of the Church Age, which is the promise of the Blessed Hope when the dead-in-Christ and those alive belonging to Christ in the last generation will synchronize with the end of the 120 Jubilee pattern of Time.  These two points in time, the Flood and the Rapture, mirror each other with Christ's Cross in the middle!  In the Flood, Noah and family remained on earth while the earth's inhabitants were removed.  At the Rapture, it is mirrored:  It will be the people belonging to Jesus as the type of Noah that are in the "Ark" and will be removed from earth while the rest of the inhabitants remain. 
Here are the intervals of the 40x50=2,000 yr. Dispensational Ages of Testing x 3 Dispensations equaling 120 jubilees/6,000 years: 
        1.  Noah -----The Flood ----------the Ark
        2.  Jesus -----The Cross-----------the Ark (His body/salvation)
        3.  Church ----Sudden Destruction -- Rapture
The 7th/7,000th yr. Dispensation corresponds to the Millennial Kingdom and the "Sabbath Day."  It is the last 1,000 years of the total 7,000 year time-span of human history that incorporates the 120 Jubilee pattern of Time, which is 6,000.  This 1,000 year difference is when Paradise will be restored, Satan will be chained, and at the conclusion will commence the Great White Throne Judgment.  Thereafter, Time will cease and there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth.
Within the 3 facets of the 40x50=2,000 yr. timeframe, spanning the entire 120 pattern of time there are 3 corresponding Raptures.  Two Raptures have already taken place, that of Enoch and Jesus.  The third will be the Rapture of the Bride near the end of the last Dispensational junction/Jubilee cycle which MUST correspond with the 120th Jubilee....which is 2015-2016.....corresponding to the Jewish year of 5776, THE YEAR OF LIGHT.
The 1st Adam lived 1,000 years at the beginning of the 7000 year time span, and there was a "Rapture" of Enoch around the 1,000 yr. mark.  Adam was the first "king" to have dominion over the Earth, but he lost it and it was given to Satan.  It will be the 2nd Adam, Jesus, coming back and for 1,000 years will exercise His Kingship and dominion that the 1st Adam forfeited.  Thus, the Rapture of the saints will also take place within this same 1,000 year marker of the 7000 total Pentecostal pattern of time that mirrors Enoch's point of translation.
Regarding "patterns":  Not only is the 120 Jubilee code a pattern for the Creation Week (6 days/6,000 yrs.), but that from Passover to the "Rapture/Ascension" of Jesus on the 40th day and subsequently Pentecost on the 50th day (40x50=2,000) is a Dispensational pattern itself!  
Plus, considering the pattern, there were 120 disciples in the Upper Room on Pentecost....and 120 Priests who were required to administer sacrificial ordinances of the Temple.  The pattern is clearly ordained and so important that God keeps repeating it so we will be sure to SEE it! 
To conclude, one thing is for sure > the 120 Jubilee year pattern of Time is valid, and according to the timeline that follows below, it means that "time" has run out for humanity.  There is no possible way of perhaps in the next 50 years or 100 years that "time" could be extended because it would not fit the pattern!  The only "time" remaining to be prophetically fulfilled is the Time of Jacob's Trouble to complete the 70th Week.  Any time beyond the three Modern-Day Jubilee time markers would render the 120 Jubilee pattern of time VOID.   
Continuing below is God's own Jubilee Countdown to the end of 6,000 years.
This Timeline will begin with the simplicity of God's Word:
God said in Genesis 6:3.... 
     "My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty." 
The 120 'days' that God said He would strive ('to make a great effort') to reconcile man toward Himself referred to 120 jubilee years > 120x50=6,000.  In other words, for 6,000 years God would allow men with free will to choose obedience and worship Him (the One True Living God), which God did mightily STRIVE to deliver and bless men, was patterned after the 6 days of being created on the 6th day with 6,000 years of dominion granted to him, followed by God's 7th Day/Sabbath Rest > (which depicts the future prophetic Millennial Kingdom Reign of Christ on Earth.) 
In God's Creation, there was no death.  There was no "time."  Adam & Eve were meant to live eternally in the Garden of Eden, so there was no reason to count "time".  But when they rebelled against God, mortality became a reality, therefore "time" began to be counted. 
The following may be simply speculation, but you will see there are reasons it is worth considering:
Remarkably, there is evidence that Adam rebelled within the first month of years of Creation.
Using the day-for-a-year chronology (which can also be used as a "day-is-as-a-thousand years" chronology) in the initial countdown of the Creation Week, until mortality entered the world and TIME began, you will see, the day/year is counted within the first Jubilee cycle based on the generally accepted Creation date of Ussher's 4004 BC.   
There were 7 days in Creation:
(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Sabbath Rest.      
+ 13 'day'/years after the Creation Week in which Adam & Eve walked with God in The Garden....for a total of 20 'day'/years which passed until Adam rebelled against God and mortality began.   
Why would we consider '13' to be the number of day/years before
Adam's rebellion & fall?...because the rule of first reference to the number 13 is that of'rebellion', as well as associating the number with superstitions, false claims, and a contrast of devotion to God with devotion to one's self.  These three references to the number 13 could very well indicate that 13 day/years after Creation Adam rebelled. 
Consider another indication that points to the number 13: 
* Adam & Eve were created on the 6th day of the first week so they would have existed 1 day/year within the first week (of years).   
* Add the second week of 7 day/years (during their period of immortality in which they walkedwith God in the Garden before the fall); they had now existed 8 day/years. 
* Add 5 day/years in the third week of that first "month" (of years) and they had existed 13day/years.
* On the 5th day/year of the third week, Eve was deceived by the serpent and Adam chose tofollow her in disobedience and God imposed the death sentence for sin. (the number '5' in scripture is symbolic of death.)
* Then Scripture shows as soon as God had Adam & Eve driven from the Garden, the very nextverse says "And Adam knew his wife and she conceived...."
* The first day that began their mortality was the 14th day/years into the first month (ofyears).  Adam had not yet "known" his wife while they were immortal and in the Garden; but now that they were mortal, consider this:   
    * A woman is most fertile in the middle of her monthly cycle.  
    * Fourteen days into the first month would have put Eve in the middle of
      her cycle.
    When Adam "knew his wife" she conceived 14 day/years after
      Creation, in the first day/year when "Time" began to be counted. 
    Time had 'begun' because of sin when death entered the
      world and man's days were then "numbered."
Consider that God gave Adam & Eve only ONE commandment to obey and in less than 'two weeks' (or 13 day/years) of existence, they lost their immortality due to sin.  Creation was meant to exist in eternity.  But when mortality entered the world, God carved out of His Eternity a chunk of "Time" in order to fulfill His Plan to redeem His Creation at the end of 120 Jubilees.Unfortunately, during this "time" of 6,000 years (50x120=6000) of human history, it has only proven that the human heart is deceitful and desperately wicked...and that is why God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God/Son of Man, into the world to save it.
                        The Historical Creation 120 Jubilee Timeline
* The 120 Jubilees are matched with historical events & their approximate dates within the cycles, proving the accuracy of the timeline countdown from the generally accepted Creation date of Ussher's 4004 BC as follows:     
CREATION -----------------------------------------------------4004 BC
Day/Year 1 - Light from darkness (day & night)------------------------4003 BC
Day/Year 2 - separated the waters and dry land appeared----------------4002 BC
Day/Year 3 - earth brought forth grass and herbs and seed and fruit------4001 BC
Day/Year 4 - stars, moon, sun for seasons & signs----------------------4000 BC
Day/Year 5 - sea creatures, winged fowl------------------------------3999 BC
Day/Year 6 - land animals; ADAM created in His own image (generation 1)---3998 BC
Day/Year 7 - God rested - Sabbath----------------------------------3997 BC         13 Day/Years of immortality before the Rebellion, walking with God--------3984 BC
* 1st Jubilee.......(50 yrs. from Creation).......3954 BC 
* The first Jubilee cycle includes the 7 day/years of Creation (Adam & Eve - generation 1), plus 13 day/years of immortality:
   7+13=20 day/ 30 years = 50 years.
* Adam rebelled - mortality entered the world and TIME began to be counted from 3954 BC.
* The Timeline begins with the baseline of the 10 generations of the Old Testament Patriarchs:
* 2nd Jubilee.......(100 yrs. from Creation)......3904 BC
* 130 yrs. from Creation - Adam and Eve receive a son, Seth (generation 2)
* 3rd Jubilee.......(150 yrs. from Creation)......3854 BC
* 4th Jubilee.......(200 yrs. from Creation)......3804 BC
* 235 yrs. from Creation - Enosh is born (generation 3)
* 5th Jubilee.......(250 yrs. from Creation)......3754 BC
* 6th Jubilee.......(300 yrs. from Creation)......3704 BC
* 325 yrs. from Creation - Kenan is born (generation 4)
* 7th Jubilee.......(350 yrs. from Creation)......3654 BC
* 395 yrs. from Creation - Mahalaleel is born (generation 5)
* 8th Jubilee.......(400 yrs. from Creation)......3604 BC
* 9th Jubilee.......(450 yrs. from Creation)......3554 BC
* 460 yrs. from Creation - Jared is born (generation 6)
* 10th Jubilee......(500 yrs. from Creation)......3504 BC
* 11th Jubilee......(550 yrs. from Creation)......3454 BC
* 12th Jubilee......(600 yrs. from Creation)......3404 BC
* 622 yrs. from Creation - Enoch is born (generation 7)
* 13th Jubilee......(650 yrs. from Creation)......3354 BC
* 687 yrs. from Creation - Methuselah is born (generation 8) "Methuselah" translated "when he dies it
* 14th Jubilee......(700 yrs. from Creation)......3304 BC
* 15th Jubilee......(750 yrs. from Creation)......3254 BC
* 16th Jubilee......(800 yrs. from Creation)......3204 BC
* 17th Jubilee......(850 yrs. from Creation)......3154 BC
* 874 yrs from Creation - Lamech is born (generation 9)
* 18th Jubilee......(900 yrs. from Creation)......3104 BC
* 19th Jubilee......(950 yrs. from Creation)......3054 BC
* 930 yrs. from Creation - Adam dies, aged 930
* 987 yrs. from Creation - Enoch taken up by God (did not die [Gen 5:24]), aged 365
* 20th Jubilee......(1000 yrs. from Creation).....3004 BC
 * 1042 yrs. from Creation - Seth dies, aged 912
* 21st Jubilee......(1050 yrs. from Creation).....2954 BC 
* 1050 yrs. from Creation - Noah is born (generation 10)       
* 22nd Jubilee.....(1100 yrs. from Creation)......2904 BC
* 23rd Jubilee.....(1150 yrs. from Creation)......2854 BC 
* 24th Jubilee.....(1200 yrs. from Creation)......2804 BC 
* 25th Jubilee.....(1250 yrs. from Creation)......2754 BC 
* 26th Jubilee.....(1300 yrs. from Creation)......2704 BC 
* 27th Jubilee.....(1350 yrs. from Creation)......2654 BC 
* 28th Jubilee.....(1400 yrs. from Creation)......2604 BC 
* 29th Jubilee.....(1450 yrs. from Creation)......2554 BC 
* 30th Jubilee.....(1500 yrs. from Creation)......2504 BC
* God announces the pending Flood 1530 yrs. from Creation and Noah begins building the ark....     
(which took 120 years - a microcosm of the 120 Jubilees = 6,000 yrs. granted to man.). 
* 31st Jubilee.....(1550 yrs. from Creation)......2454 BC  
* 32nd Jubilee.....(1600 yrs. from Creation)......2404 BC  
* 33rd Jubilee.....(1650 yrs. from Creation)......2354 BC
* Flood begins 1650 yrs. from Creation, in the 600th year of Noah's life.
* 34th Jubilee.....(1700 yrs. from Creation)......2304 BC 
* 35th Jubilee.....(1750 yrs. from Creation)......2254 BC 
* 36th Jubilee.....(1800 yrs. from Creation)......2204 BC 
* 37th Jubilee.....(1850 yrs. from Creation)......2154 BC 
* 38th Jubilee.....(1900 yrs. from Creation)......2104 BC
* Abraham born 1948 yrs. from Creation.
* 39th Jubilee.....(1950 yrs. from Creation)......2054 BC
* 40th Jubilee.....(2000 yrs. from Creation)......2004 BC
* Isaac born 2048 yrs. from Creation (when Abraham was 100 years old)
* 41st Jubilee.....(2050 yrs. from Creation)......1954 BC
* 42nd Jubilee.....(2100 yrs. from Creation)......1904 BC
* Jacob born 2108 yrs. from Creation (when Isaac was 60 years old) 
* 43rd Jubilee.....(2150 yrs. from Creation)......1854 BC    
* Joseph born 2171 yrs. from Creation (when Jacob was 63 years old)
* 44th Jubilee.....(2200 yrs. from Creation)......1804 BC
* 45th Jubilee.....(2250 yrs. from Creation)......1754 BC
* 46th Jubilee.....(2300 yrs. from Creation)......1704 BC
* 47th Jubilee.....(2350 yrs. from Creation)......1654 BC
* 48th Jubilee.....(2400 yrs. from Creation)......1604 BC
* 49th Jubilee.....(2450 yrs. from Creation)......1554 BC
* Moses born approx. 1521 BC 
* 50th Jubilee.....(2500 yrs. from Creation)......1504 BC
* (50x50=2500 years from Creation) - The Jubilee of Jubilees! 
* The Exodus/Israelites delivered from slavery/Nation of Israel born  - Moses was 80 yrs. old at time of Exodus.  The controversial date of the Exodus is generally accepted to be in the 15th century, but going by Moses date of birth and being 80 years of age when the Exodus took place, the Exodus could have been ongoing from 1441 BC.
* 51st Jubilee.....(2550 yrs. from Creation)......1454 BC
* Israel refused to enter Canaan at God's instructions, so God punished them with wandering in the
wilderness for 40 years while that generation (of those 20 yrs. and older) who came out of Egypt
died.  Only the "children" 19 yrs. and younger would enter the Promised Land....except for Joshua &Caleb....these two (being from the first generation of Israel) represented both the future Messiah(Joshua/Jesus) and the Holy Spirit....& scripture saying Caleb having a "different spirit.") 
* Moses dies in 1401 BC at age 120, not being allowed to enter the Promised Land. 
* 52nd Jubilee.....(2600 yrs. from Creation)......1404 BC
* 53rd Jubilee.....(2650 yrs. from Creation)......1354 BC
* 54th Jubilee.....(2700 yrs. from Creation)......1304 BC
* 55th Jubilee.....(2750 yrs. from Creation)......1254 BC
* 56th Jubilee.....(2800 yrs. from Creation)......1204 BC
* 57th Jubilee.....(2850 yrs. from Creation)......1154 BC
* 58th Jubilee.....(2900 yrs. from Creation)......1104 BC
* David born approx. 1057 BC
* 59th Jubilee.....(2950 yrs. from Creation)........1054 BC 
* David becomes King at age 30 - approx 1026-1027 BC
* David captures Jerusalem and makes it the capitol of all Israel. 
* Davidic Covenant God promises a permanent kingdom from David's line from which would come the promised Son, Jesus Christ - approx. 1014 BC
* Solomon born approx. 1009 BC  
* 60th Jubilee.....(3000 yrs. from Creation)........1004 BC
* David moves the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem - approx. 1002 BC
* David desires to build a Temple for God
* David reigned over Israel 40 years, dies at 70 years old; approx. 987 BC
* Solomon becomes king.
* Temple built commencing from approx. 983 BC
* Solomon's Temple completed by year 976 BC
* 61st Jubilee.....(3050 yrs. from Creation).........954 BC
* King Solomon dies 928 BC  
* Kingdom divided into two kingdoms - Judah (capital of Jerusalem) and Israel (capital Samaria).
* Spiritual life disintegrates.
* 62nd Jubilee.....(3100 yrs. from Creation).........904 BC
* 63rd Jubilee.....(3150 yrs. from Creation).........854 BC
* Jonah sent by God to Ninevah (approx. 8th century) 
* 64th Jubilee.....(3200 yrs. from Creation).........804 BC
* 65th Jubilee.....(3250 yrs. from Creation).........754 BC
* Isaiah's Vision (Isaiah saw the Pre-Incarnate Christ's Glory which filled the Earth  in the year of King Uzziah's death, approx. 740
* Hezekiah's 15th year which God had extended to him - he reigned (from 715 BC) until 686 BC. 
* 66th Jubilee.....(3300 yrs. from Creation).........704 BC
* 67th Jubilee.....(3350 yrs. from Creation)..........654 BC
* Jeremiah starts his prophetic ministry approx. 628 BC.
* Habakkuk cries to the Lord about injustice approx. 626 BC.
* Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, defeats Jehoiakim & takes him to Babylon, along with other exiles and temple articles approx. 605 BC.
* 68th Jubilee.....(3400 yrs. from Creation)..........604 BC
* Daniel begins serving Nebuchadnezzar - 594 BC.
* Ezekiel begins his prophetic ministry in exile - 593 BC.
* Obadiah prophecies Edom's (Esau's) downfall and Israel's restoration - 586 BC.
* Daniel's Fiery Furnace deliverance approx. 570 BC.
* 69th Jubilee.....(3450 yrs. from Creation)..........554 BC
* Daniel intercedes with God on behalf of his people and Jerusalem.
* Babylon conquered in 538 BC. by Persians: Darius the Mede
* Cyrus, King of Persia, releases Jewish exiles in 538 BC to return to rebuild Jerusalem & Temple. 
* The Samaritans attempt to halt the rebuilding of the Temple after 21 years of laboring.
* Haggai & Zechariah prophecy to encourage Jews after Samaritans shut down work on temple 521 BC.
* Cyrus re-issues the decree to build the temple and work resumes, taking 4 more years to complete.
* Temple completed and Passover celebrated in Jerusalem - 516 BC
* 70th Jubilee.....(3500 yrs. from Creation)...........504 BC
* Esther becomes Ahasuerus'  queen.  She saves the Jews from annihilation; Mordecai is promoted to second in the kingdom - 479 BC.
* 71st Jubilee.....(3550 yrs. from Creation)...........454 BC
* Nehemiah prays & is sent by Artaxerxes with a military escort to rebuild Jerusalem's walls 447 BC.
* Walls of Jerusalem completed in 445 BC.
* Nehemiah institutes many reforms and governs for next 12 years (435 BC)
* 72nd Jubilee.....(3600 yrs. from Creation)...........404 BC
* The TORAH is canonized in 400 BC.
* 73rd Jubilee.....(3650 yrs. from Creation)...........354 BC
* Alexander the Great conquers the Persian Empire 332 BC
* 74th Jubilee.....(3700 yrs. from Creation)...........304 BC
* 75th Jubilee.....(3750 yrs. from Creation)...........254 BC
* 76th Jubilee.....(3800 yrs. from Creation)...........204 BC
* Maccabean Revolt 167-160 BC.
* Independent rule of the Hasmoneans from 160-63 BC.
* 77th Jubilee.....(3850 yrs. from Creation)............154 BC
* 78th Jubilee.....(3900 yrs. from Creation)............104 BC
* 79th Jubilee.....(3950 yrs. from Creation).............54 BC
* Herod appointed governor of Galilee 47 BC.
* Herod builds Samaria 27 BC
* Herod builds Caesarea 25-13 BC
* Herod extends the Temple Mount and rebuilds the Temple 19 BC
* BIRTH OF JESUS - approx. 3 BC 
*  Herod learned of the birth of 'a king' from the Magi, therefore, he was still alive when Jesus
was born.  Since Herod died in 1 BC & Jesus was born in 3 BC., Jesus would have been about 2 yrs.
old at that time....which is why Herod ordered the deaths of all Jewish baby boys age 2 and
under....and is also the reason the angel appeared to Joseph to warn him to escape, taking Mary
and Jesus out of the city.  
* 27-28 Jesus began to prepare for His ministry in the Fall of 27 AD...when "He was about 30 years old."  In September, near His birthday, He is baptised by John the Baptist.  For 40 days He secludes Himself in the wilderness.  For the next 4-5 months He traveled about choosing His disciples.  He likely began His actual Gospel teaching ministry at the beginning of the biblical New Year/Nisan 28.
   28-29 1st year of Christ's ministry
   29-30 2nd year of Christ's ministry
   30-31 3rd year of Christ's ministry
   31-32 after 6 months Christ is crucified - bringing His ministry to 32 AD - 3 1/2 years long.   
* Herod's dies in 1 BC.    
* 80th Jubilee.....(4000 yrs. from Creation)...............4 BC
* 4000 yrs. from 1st Adam to 2nd Adam
* Crucifixion of Jesus (32 AD).
* Missionary journeys of Apostle Paul begin approx. 34 AD.

*  81st Jubilee.....(4050 yrs. from Creation)..............46 AD
* Roman persecutions of Christians begins (64 AD)
* Jews revolt against Rome; Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed (70 AD)
* Colosseum built in Rome (71-80 AD)
* Buddism introduced to China. 
* 82nd Jubilee.....(4100 yrs. from Creation).........  .. 96 AD
*Jews revolt under Bar Kokhba (122-135 AD)
* Final Diaspora (dispersion) of Jews begins.
* 83rd Jubilee.....(4150 yrs, from Creation).............146 AD 
* 84th Jubilee.....(4200 yrs. from Creation).............196 AD
* Roman persecution increases.
* Persian Empire re-established.
* 85th Jubilee.....(4250 yrs. from Creation).............246 AD
* Increasing invasions of the Roman Empire by Franks and Goths.
* Buddhism spreads in China.
* Classic period of the Mayan civilization (250-900 AD)
* 86th Jubilee.....(4300 yrs. from Creation).............296 AD
* Constantine the Great reunites eastern & estern Roman Empires (312-337 AD).
* Council of Nicea (325 AD) defines orthodox Christian doctrine.
* 87th Jubilee.....(4350 yrs. from Creation).............346 AD
* Roman Empire permanently divided in 395 AD - western empire ruled from Rome & eastern empire
ruled from Constantinople.
* 88th Jubilee.....(4400 yrs. from Creation).............396 AD
* Western Roman Empire disintegrates under weak emperors.
* St. Augustine's "City of God" (411 AD)
* St. Patrick returns to Ireland (432 AD) and brings Christianity to the island
* 89th Jubilee.....(4450 yrs. from Creation).............446 AD
* Vandals destroy Rome (455 AD).
* Western Roman Empire ends, deposing Romulus Augustulus (476 AD)
* 90th Jubilee.....(4500 yrs. from Creation).............496 AD
* King Arthur of Britain killed (537 AD)
* Plague spreads through Europe (542 AD).
* 91st Jubilee.....(4550 yrs. from Creation).............546 AD
* Mohammed, founder of Islam (570-632 AD).
* The plague subsides after killing almost half the population (594 AD).
* 92nd Jubilee.....(4600 yrs. from Creation).............596 AD
* St. Augustine brings Christianity to Britain (597 AD).
* Mohammed flees from Mecca to Medina.
* Muslim Empire grows (634 AD).
* Arabs conquer Jerusalem (637 AD).
* Arabs conquer Persians (641 AD).
* 93rd Jubilee.....(4650 yrs. from Creation).............646 AD
* Arabs attack North Africa (670 AD).
* 94th Jubilee.....(4700 yrs. from Creation).............696 AD
* Arabs destroy Carthage (697 AD).
* Arab Empire extends from Lisbon to China by 716 AD.
* Arabs defeated at Tours, halting Arab advance in Europe (732 AD).
* Charlemagne (742-814 AD).
* 95th Jubilee.....(4750 yrs. from Creation).............746 AD
* Charlemagne becomes king of the Franks (771 AD).
* The "Golden Age" of Arab culture (786-809 AD).
* Vikings begin attacks on Britain (790 AD) and land in Ireland in 795 AD.
* City of Machu Picchu flourishes in Peru.
* 96th Jubilee.....(4800 yrs. from Creation).............796 AD
* Charlemagne crowned first holy Roman Emperor in Rome (800 AD)...dies in 814 AD.
* Arabs conquer Crete, Sicily, and Sardinia (826-827 AD).
* 97th Jubilee.....(4850 yrs. from Creation).............846 AD
* Russian nation founded by Vikings, establishing capital at Novgorod (855-879 AD).
* Norsemen attack as far south as the Mediterranean but are thwarted (859 AD).
* Norsemen discover Iceland (861 AD).
* 98th Jubilee.....(4900 yrs. from Creation).............896 AD
* Beginning of Mayan Post-Classical period (900-1519 AD),
* Vikings discover Greenland (900 AD).
* Arab Spain becomes center of learning (912-961 AD).
* 99th Jubilee.....(4950 yrs. from Creation).............946 AD
* Otto crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII (962 AD).
* Vikings and Danes attack Britain (988-999 AD),
* 100th Jubilee....(5000 yrs. from Creation).............996 AD
* From about 1000 AD to 1100 AD was "The Jewish Golden Age in Spain" as everyone coexisted peacefully under the Cordova Caliphate.  The Jewish community in Italy was a conduit for spreading the Talmud throughout Europe.  Rashi in France produced commentaries on Talmud and Torah which are still considered authoritative.
* Hungary & Scandinavia converted to Christianity (approx. 1000 AD)
* Muslims destroy The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. (1009 AD).
* 101st Jubilee.....(5050 yrs. from Creation)............1046 AD
* Seljuk Turks capture Baghdad, Armenia (1064 AD).
* Muslim sects began to massacre Jews in 1066
* Emergence of strong papacy when Gregory VII is elected.  Conflict with English and French kings and German Emperors  throughout the medieval period (1073 AD) 
* Turks capture Syria & Palestine (1075 AD). 
* Muslim sects continue to massacre Jews in 1085-1094 AD. 
* Crusaders - At Council of Clermont, Pope Urban II calls for holy war to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Muslims (one of at least 8 military campaigns that begins in 1095-1291 AD). 
* 102nd Jubilee.....(5100 yrs. from Creation)............1096 AD
* Second Crusade begins (1144 AD).
* 103rd Jubilee.....(5150 yrs. from Creation)............1146 AD
* Crusades against Jews continue for about 150 years and in 1179 AD and 1215 AD there was 
increased official hostility toward them, including prescribed dress for Jews.
* Final separation between Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Roman) churches (1054 AD).
* 104th Jubilee.....(5200 yrs. from Creation)............1196 AD
* The Inquisition began in 1231 AD and remained in force; and the Jews began to migrate north to
Christian territories to escape the persecution. Christian territories welcomed the Jews for their
skills as merchants, financial experts, and craftsmen, plus they had no 'foreign allegiance' problem. 
* The 12th century was better for Jews in Spain than any other area of Europe...but in 1242 AD, the
Jews began to be forced to listen to conversion sermons in synagogues. 
* 105th Jubilee.....(5250 yrs. from Creation)............1246 AD
* Jews had been forced to listen to conversion sermons in their synagogues and by 1264 AD all Spain
was under Catholic rule.
* In the midst of unrelenting attacks on European Jewish communities, Casimir the Great of Poland
invited Jews to emigrate to Poland.  Jews from Germany began to emigrate and eventually established Poland as the center of Jewish civilization in Europe.  The Jews propagated the German-Jewish language, 'Yiddish', throughout central and eastern Jewish communities.
* 106th Jubilee.....(5300 yrs. from Creation)............1296 AD
* 107th Jubilee.....(5350 yrs. from Creation)............1346 AD
* From 1378-1416 AD there were rivals to the Papacy, challenges to translations of the Bible and a
fight for the monopoly on doctrinal matters, which resulted in a reactionary movement within the
church that proved to be dangerous to Jewish life throughout Europe. 
* In 1390 AD, unique in Jewish history, large numbers of Spanish Jews (30%-50% of the Jewish
population) saved their lives and livelihoods by converting to Catholicism.  The "conversos" were
allowed to remain in positions of authority, although many maintained Judaism in secret.
* SIDE NOTE OF INTEREST:  When the Jews were forced into secret observance of their Faith, on
shabbat evening the wife/mother of the household would kindle the sabbath candles; and because of
the sulfur/smoke when lighting the candles, the mother (with her head bowed and eyes closed) would 
use both her hands to fan the smoke toward herself in an effort to dissipate the smoke.  This is still
seen even today as a ritual of kindling the shabbat candles. in commemoration of remembering how
they were forced into secrecy in order to practice their Faith.
* 108th Jubilee.....(5400 yrs. from Creation)............1396 AD
* 109th Jubilee.....(5450 yrs. from Creation)............1446 AD
* In 1449 an ordinance was passed stating the "conversos" (converted Jews) could no longer hold
office (discrimination by race, not by religion.)
* Christopher Columbus born 1451. 
* In 1478 AD the Inquisition in Spain, which was still in force, began to root out secret Jews among
the conversos.
*  Between 1492 and 1503, Christopher Columbus completed four round-trip voyages between Spain
and the Americas, allof them under the sponsorship of the Crown of Castile.  These voyages marked
the beginning of the European exploration & colonization of the American continents, and thus made
an enormous impact in the historical development of the modern western world.       
* Also in 1492 AD, Ferdinand and Isabella were persuaded by the Grand Inquisitor to expel all Jews
from Spain to get rid of the secret conversos and to confiscate Jewish wealth. 
* 110th Jubilee.....(5500 yrs. from Creation)............1496 AD
* Many of the 'conversos' (converted Jews) who were expelled in 1492 went to Portugal, but there
were forced to convert in a mass ceremony and those who didn't were then expelled from Portugal in
1497 AD.
* Modern trends began to influence Europe and the course of Jewish history >>> the Renaissance,
Humanism, the fall of Constantinople, new trade routes to the East and the discovery of the Western
hemisphere, the disarray in the Catholic Church followed by the Reformation shattered the Catholic
dominance.  The Ottomans conquered the Manluk Empire in 1517 AD and built the
present Old city wall in Jerusalem in 1540.
* In 1517 AD Martin Luther traumatized the Church by initiating the Protestant Reformation.  While
Luther at first sided with the Jews as fellow protesters against the Church, he became violently anti-
Jewish when it became clear the Jews were not going to convert to Protestanism anymore than to
* At the Council of Trent (1545-1563 AD) the Church condemned Protestantism and instituted harsh
new restrictions on Jews.  In 1555 walled ghettos were enforced by papal decree and a dress code
was imposed on the Jews.
* 111th Jubilee.....(5550 yrs. from Creation)............1546 AD
* A small but important Jewish presence was established in Israel (primarily in Safed).
* In 1570 AD Kabbalah began to be taught in Safed. 
* In 1577 AD a Hebrew printing press was established in Safed, believed to be the first printing press in the Ottoman Empire.
* 112th Jubilee.....(5600 yrs. from Creation)............1596 AD
* The Ottoman Empire continued to expand in Europe & North AFrica in the 16th century. A major 
continuous Jewish presence was established in Hamburg, Germany and later at Berlin. 
* Jewish banking was initiated after 1648 AD and the Jewish population in Germany rose to 300,000 by 1700 AD. 
* Also in 1648, a series of disasters struck Poland and especially the Jewish community > from
1648 to 1655 AD, Cossacks in the Polish Ukraine massacred 65,000 Jews.  Jews were dispersed
among isolated rural villages and could not maintain schools or even sometimes rabbis. 
* 113th Jubilee.....(5650 yrs. from Creation)............1646 AD
* In 1665 Shabbatai Sevi proclaimed himself messiah and a large portion of Jewish communities in eastern Europe and the Middle East were swept up in messianic fevor.  But Sevi
converted to Islam and a gradual disillusionment was psychologically devastating. 
* 114th Jubilee.....(5700 yrs. from Creation)............1696 AD
* By 1700 AD in western Europe the Age of Enlightment was taking hold, with the rise of Rationalism and Deism.  New ideas entered the Jewish community, particularly in Germany.  Moses Mendelssohn became a foremost German philosopher while still maintaining his Jewish roots.  
* Baal Shem Tov, founded 'Hasidism' which emphasized piety rather than learning. 
* In Lithusania, in opposition to Hasidism, the Vilna Gaon created a new center of Jewish learning.
* 115th Jubilee.....(5750 yrs. from Creation)............1746 AD
* In 1772 AD, Catherine of Russia established a Jewish ghetto > the Pale of Settlement, the area of eastern Russia and Ukraine in which Jews were allowed to live (thus, the cliche' > You've gone beyond the Pale.")  No Jews were allowed to live permanently in the remaining areas of Russia. 
* From 1772-1795 AD, the weakened Poland was partitioned among its 3 powerful neighbors > Russia, Prussia, and Austria.  Poland lost its independence.
* The French Revolution (1789-1815 AD) changed the political organization in Europe.  Russia remained the major bastion of absolute monarchy.  Private bankers, such as the
Rothchilds, provided investment capital for growing large scale industrialization, manufacturers of textiles, chemicals, iron, steel, and railroad equipment....and the population shifted from rural areas 
to newly industrialized cities.
* 116th Jubilee.....(5800 yrs. from Creation)............1796 AD
* In 1807 Napoleon convened a Jewish "Sanhedrin".  He also established that Jewish national aspirations had no legal nor religious authority, and the view was Jews were no longer a nation and that Judaism was simply a religion.  The view was eagerly adopted by many Jews in western Europe and later in America, who aspired to assimilate into the general culture without losing their Jewish identity.
* 117th Jubilee.....(5850 yrs. from Creation)............1846 AD
* The Jews faced a variety of conflicting forces in the 19th century, such as overt anti-semitism that banned Jewish professors & lawyers from holding public office.  Many ordinary middle class Jews quietly let their religious observances lapse and gradually assimilated or intermarried into Christian society.  Descendants of those converted Jews were later trapped by the Nazi racial laws and the subsequent Holocaust in WWII.
* 118th Jubilee.....(5900 yrs. from Creation).............1896 AD
* Theodor Herzl is considered the founder of the Zionist movement.  In his 1896 book, Der Judenstaat, he envisioned the founding of a future independent Jewish State during the 20th century.
*  Recognition of the 1st Modern-Day Jubilee  
   Establishing a return to Jerusalem - 1917 
*  General Allenby captures Jerusalem from the Turks on December 9, 1917 on Hanukkah.
* The first political recognition committing to the idea of establishing a Jewish home in Palestine Eretz Yisrael) - the British Cabinet and Zionist leaders made known in the form of a letter by Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild > The Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917. 
The promise of a national homeland made to the Jews in 1917 finally became legally effective in 1923 when the British Mandate for Palestine took effect from 1923-1948.  Between 1923-1948 there were numerous resolutions, and treaty obligations to be taken into account to clear the way for a vote and implementation, until finally in November 1947 the United Nations voted (with a 2/3 majority) to partition western Palestine into TWO STATES > a Jewish and an Arab state.  It was called UN Resolution 181 and though the final division greatly limited the size of what had been promised to them, the Jews accepted it out of sheer desperation for a homeland; although the Arabs rejected they have rejected a two-state solution every time it has been offered.  This is due to their openly stated conviction and goal to annihilate the Jews completely.
*  August 1920, the Treaty of Sevres, by which the Ottoman Empire was split up, and which officially acknowledged the creation of the Palestine Mandate at San Remo in April 1920, did not enter into force.  Because of the Turkish War of Independence, its terms were significantly remodeled by the Treaty of Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 24, 1923. 
* 119th Jubilee.....(5950 yrs. from Creation).............1946 AD
May 14, 1948 the STATE OF ISRAEL is declared by U.N. vote.
* Restoration of Israel's "Dry Bones".....Ezek. 37 - God had Ezekiel prophesy of the rebirth of Israel.
* Prophecy of "The Fig Tree" Israel...."born in a day", grew leaves, matured at 19 years of age and would reunify Jerusalem in 1967.....this is the generation which will NOT pass away (as did the generation of the Exodus who were 20 years of age and upward), but will enter  the "Promised Land"/Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth.
* The Second Modern-Day Jubilee after reunifying Jerusalem!
   Reunifying Jerusalem - 1967
*  1967 - Israel captures Jerusalem in Six Day War, June 6, 1967
*  The "Times of the Gentiles" seemingly ended over the city of Jerusalem in 1967 with the reunification of the city, but technically the Times of the Gentiles will not end until the Second Coming of Christ to establish Israel as the "Head of all Nations."
*   The 3 Modern Day Jubilees (as we know it) began when Jerusalem was captured in 1917 AND reunified in 1967.  
      3.  (1917 Jubilee Year)) - Jerusalem
    2.  (1967 Jubilee Year) - Temple Mount
    1.  (2017 Jubilee Year) - Temple 
This enables us to see a 3-2-1 countdown of the Modern-Day Jubilee "pattern" in these last days, which falls within God's own pattern of Jubilees which He has been counting since Creation. In other words, the modern-day-jubilee had to again be seen and understood in order for us to comprehend where we are on God's Timeline.  These 3 modern-day jubilee cycles accomplish that based on 'JERUSALEM', so that we would see God had restarted Israel's clock and the end times had begun.
*  Oct. 6-25, 1973 Yom Kippur War, coalition of Arab states led by Egypt & Syria against Israel. 
*  Oslo Accords (Land for Peace) signed on Sept. 13, 1993 and presented to the world ON Rosh HaShanah Sept. 16, 1993
* Oslo was a "rehearsal" for the 70th Week as it will be "confirmed" during the 70th Week.
* Oslo is the lead-in rehearsal to The THREE WEEKS of JACOB'S TROUBLE (three sets of 7 years (777) totaling 21 years following the 3 chapters of Jacob's Trouble in Genesis 29, 30, 31.        
* SCRIPTURE >  Jacob desired Rachel and contracted with Laban to labor for 7 years for her hand in marriage.  But Laban deceived Jacob and lied to him, for he had no intention of giving his younger daughter before the eldest.  Analogy: Israel desired Peace and contracted negotiations with Yasser Arafat & the PLO for the next 7 years; but Arafat had no intention of agreeing to peace with Israel and had, in fact, even refused to remove from the PLO Charter the written intention to annihilate Israel.  
* 1993-2000 was 7 years of a "lied-to-agreement" in working toward peace that the PLO never intended! 
* 120th Jubilee.....(6000 yrs. from Creation).............1996 AD
* The Year of the Mikvah (5760/2000) - The End Times begin.
* Israel's Rabbis declare the end of 6,000 yrs according to the Hebrew calendar. 
* Israeli Rabbis announce: "We have entered The Time of Jacob's Trouble (which Israel/"Jacob will be saved out of.")  
* These things are verified in the 119th Jubilee cycle seen above.)           
******* 2001-2007 - FIRST WEEK OF JACOB'S TROUBLE
Intifada begins - On September 28, 2000, just after dawn, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon enters the Temple Mount.  He states "I came here with a message of peace." 
* Analogy: Jacob had come to Laban in peace, and agreed to labor for 7 years for the desire of his heart (Rachel/Peace) but it had been a lied-to-agreement.  But so strong was his love for Rachel/Peace that even after being deceived, he agrees to labor ANOTHER 7 YEARS in order to acquire the desire of his heart, but is instead, subjected to much 'trouble.' 
* The Arab Intifada (uprising) breaks out amid false atrocities and instigation upon Israel.  For the remainder of this Sabbatical cycle, Israel will experience terror, suicide bombers, bus bombings, etc. at the hands of Esau's descendants, the Arab Palestinians. 
 September 11, 2001 - NYC World Trade Towers/Pentagon attack
*  Sept. 17, 2001 - Stock market crash - 684 pts. at start of a new sabbath cycle
******* 2008-2015 - SECOND WEEK OF JACOB'S TROUBLE
* At the very start of the new Sabbatical cycle & 2nd Week of Jacob's Trouble, global attention focuses on the economy (just as the analogy shows Jacob had turned his attention to his economy/inheritance) because on Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29, 2008 the Stock Exchange crashes at 777.68 (Three sevens plus .68 for the Hebrew year 5768.)  
* Nov. 2008 Barack Hussein Obama elected President.
*  Nov. 2012 Barack Hussein Obama elected to 2nd Term as President. 
                       * (Head of Biblical year) Nisan 1, 5774 / April  1, 2014.
                       * Passover lunar eclipse on April 15-16, 2014
                       * Solar eclipse on April 29, 2014
                       (Head of secular year) Tishri 1, 5774 / Sept. 25-26, 2014
                       * Tabernacles lunar eclipse on October 9, 2014
                       * Solar eclipse on October 23, 2014
*  March 3, 2015 - Benjamin Netanyahu makes a speech before the U.S. Congress to warn of Iran's
                      nuclear threat and the foolishness of trying to make a deal with Iran.  Netanyahu's
                      speech could be America's final warning against turning against Israel.
                      BiBi vowed "If necessary, Israel will stand alone."
                          *  Solar eclipse on March 20, 2015
                          *  (Head of biblical year) Nisan 1, 5775..........March 21, 2015
                          *  Passover lunar eclipse on April 4-5, 2015
                          * Solar eclipse on Sept. 13, 2015
                          * (Head of secular year) Tishri 1, 5775............Sept. 14-15, 2015
                          * Tabernacles lunar eclipse on Sept. 28, 2015
                          * This is the last of the Blood Moon Tetrads of 2014-2015
* 120th Jubilee..(6000 yrs. from Creation).............2016-2017 AD
                         (based on Nisan 1 - 1st month of the Biblical New Year.)
******* 2016-2023 - THIRD WEEK OF JACOB'S TROUBLE -out of which Jacob will be saved! 
*  The last three modern-day jubilee cycles (1917-1967-2017) reveal to us the pattern of the 120 jubilees in a microcosm of the 6,000 span of human history.
*  Having reached the 120th Jubilee, God is now finished striving with men.  He will send Jesus to take home His Bride/the Church and then He will turn to Israel to bring about the redemption of His people through judgments to ready them for the Kingdom on Earth.  He will curse those who cursed Israel and send His wrath upon an unbelieving world.
* The 70th Week will be fulfilled and the Kingdom of God on Earth will commence.

I would like to add something to the Creation Timeline I just posted.  In the introduction to my "Historical Creation Jubilee Timeline", I would like to commend and thank Luis Vega for helping me understand the logistics of the "pattern of time" which I incorporated into the introduction and explanation of the timeline.  I drew heavily on information I learned from Luis, which he has posted, both on his website and on The Five Doves. Luis is a prolific writer -a genius in my opinion- and it took literally multiple repetitive reading of his studies to try to fully grasp what helped me to develop the Jubilee Timeline.  I tried to condense and summarize my understanding of his writing, hoping others would benefit from it.  (Forgive me if I made any assumptive errors.)
Thank you, Luis, for giving me the basis and foundation which helped me prove to myself that God has been counting for us, even when we didn't know it. And also, thank You, LORD, for enabling us to see the modern-day and final Jubilee Pattern of Time which are based on ISRAEL's RETURN to the LAND which You covenanted to Your People, the Jews.  May we all prepare ourselves for our soon departure, for Redemption draws near.
Shalom brothers and sisters - HERE, THERE, OR IN THE AIR!!!!!