Ruby (26 June 2016)
"re:  Joe C's White triangle dream"


Please click on the link just below.  I tried to copy and paste the body of the article, but it wouldn't let me.  Sorry.
Joe Chappell, I'd be interested in what you think of Perry Stone's dream of W. Virginia.  Do you feel anything?
I will also say that the NWO uses the triangle as one of its symbols.


Crisis In West Virginia? Perry Stone’s Troubling Dream About Swat Teams Linked With Foreign Nations

 By Meranda Devan, on April 5th, 2016 
“Early this morning I saw a vision of troops in the mountains – in this case West Virginia, that were practicing for some type of crisis. Some were in camo, others with hoods similar to a SWAT team, and other seemed to be linked with foreign nations.”