Randy (26 June 2016)
"Wow, the Revived Roman Empire - could it be any MORe Weak?  - "made of iron and clay""


WE all know the story of the statue in the dream in the Old Testament........that showed the major world powers until the End of the Age.....and the LAST.....the Revived Roman Empire......was made of Iron and Clay.......2 substances that do NOT mix, making it a very weak "Union...."     The current European Union.

Hmmmmm........if that Union is now on the verge of falling apart, how near then is the Rapture....and the Rise of the Anti-Christ----- the leader who will bring the whole world together?

Tic Toc ???

If the EU is now sliding backwards....and
Obama has only 6 more months as the US President.....  IF he has any role to play in the EU's problems.....and I am NOT sure about that.......

Then, again, how near is the Rapture?

I believe 2 things:

1) There is NO Economic collapse until when?  Until right AFTER the Rapture...but boy......the dominos are sure ALL LINED UP, aren't they?  (Rapture Ready believes this, too!)
2) I'm looking at Jewish Year 5778, as being important.  That will be the year Israel turns 70.  Rosh Hashanah 2017   TO   Rosh Hashanah 2018.  That gives this new challenge for the EU another 14-26 months to build up and play out.

One of the best books I read in the past few years was:    The Divine Calendar.    (Google it....FREE Download)  It makes a REALLY good case for that year, Jewish Year 5778 as being a year to watch.  (It's a Jewish book, so he is watching for the FIRST Coming of the Messiah)   The author refers to it as "The year of Light"  (If my memory serves me right.)

http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?page_id=1300   Free download

And this:    http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?p=3438      An intriguing post......did you know that the temperature of the SUN, in calvin temperature is........    5778 degrees ?   Hmmmmm..........

And this:   http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?s=year+of+divine   

You haven't heard much from me since last September.  That was a period of time that really seemed to hold real hope for the Rapture.  So MANY people had their eyes on that time.  From my chair,  "it was a PERFECT fit."  But alas, we all seem to be guessing.  Having been so wrong, it was time to "get back to the business of this life"   while I continue to Watch.....and Wait......   I still believe THIS is THE Generation....and the time MUST be SHORT !!

These past 10 months have been some of the best days of my life here......and I thank GOD for these blessings, while I Watch....and Wait.....   I tell the Lord "I will trade ALL of these blessing to see Jesus Christ call His Bride Home....today!"

You could NOT convince me we are WRONG......we were just "early" as we set our eyes on last year.

Now......events in the world continue to cry out that the time MUST be still be NEAR.

I think Jewish Year 5778 holds a lot of HOPE for all who are watching.....

We shall see......

Tic Toc,