Lewis Brackett (5 June 2016)
"The German Enlightenment & moral confusion"

I am writing a short documentary / novella about the reasons for the moral failure in Germany that led to the Nazi era... Enjoy http://www.wedg.millenniumweekend.org/forum/images/smilies/tongue.png
Lewis B

The German Enlightenment & moral confusion
Up until the 19th century, central Europe's morality still had the Christian basis of Martin Luther...
In the 19th century, it became fashionable to question this basis of society... After all, the elite had always done pretty much whatever they wanted... Sadly, the Church was still a pillar of the state rather than being concerned with the salvation of souls...
It was said that “we can have morality without God, after all, we're a Christian nation” The basis of morality and virtue comes from the Lawgivers, Moses and Jesus... Remove their influence, and you start to rationalize away basic moral truth... This does not happen suddenly, but over a period of time..
Each generation is more perverse than the last, until you finally reach total social & moral depravity...

The prime movers (among others) of this decent into depravity were Darwin, Freud and Marx.
Darwin and Freud gave man a pseudo scientific rational to reject God, showing that man was only an animal... Marx showed how this clever animal should be a depraved ravoning beast, devouring society with its teeth...
Its not for nothing that the mantra of Lenin's communist party was illuminated by the creed “ the nature of mass terror must be encouraged” Lenin maintained that previous revolutions had not been successful because they had not killed enough people...

The greatest lie of socialism is that those who work hard provide for their families must somehow be expected to also support those who aimlessly drift through l;life demanding to be fed, housed and catered to... Often violent creatures expressing a murderous rage when their supposed “rights” are interfered with. I reply, “what about the rights of the quiet decent, hardworking people”?... “What about the rights of the victims”?

National Socialism was founded on this premise, that the State and leader was God, that there
were no rights other than were convenient for the state... The decent into depravity had been achieved... In the 19th century, the basis for morality had been driven out of society... In the 20th , century, any whim of a leader was the divine word.

As the religious basis of the Nazi elite was militant Hinduism, millions of people were not being killed, maimed and tortured... These useless and inconvenient cattle; animals as Darwin and Freud insisted;were merely being sent on to the next incarnation where they might even reappear as something useful... Today's elite look upon US in the same Darwinian light...
As Hitler purged his society of unwanted genetic misfits,races and creeds, so today's elite seek to reduce this more or less human heard of cattle down to a “sustainable level” the Earth can support, the minimum number of serfs needed to service them as Kings and Nobility in the new Feudal Order...

Hegel …. along with the twisted & perverse mantra of Darwin, Freud and Marx, we have the activist social gospel of another 19th century dim bulb, Hegel... His mantra has totally captivated the intellectual elite... Basically he tough that only great chaos can bring about great change... Thesis/an thesis/ synthesis was his mantra … Two world wars were encouraged; caused to subvert decent government and society towards their un-Holy Grail of a New World Order... The Nazi military was rebuilt and the later Soviet threat was kept in power by their constant funding... Today the radical bloodthirsty Mosloms are encouraged armed and fed by this same twisted perverse theology that only maximum chaos can achieve their desired New World Order...

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