Judith (5 June 2016)
"Re: June 17 Date Response to Andy & Shekinah Glory Cloud - CORRECTION"

Re: June 17 Date Response to Andy & Shekinah Glory Cloud -
Well I did it again - and a major mistake. So sorry that I didn't get it
right with my post last week in response to Andy Hunt's study of the
June 17 date. It's partly because my 73 year old brain gets confused
a lot lately - especially with all the various dates and events. Keeping
them straight becomes a challenge.
Anyway, when I said that the 5776.7 date on the Jewish calendar
corresponds to September 15, 5861 on the 360/day (the Feast of
Tabernacles) that is correct,. However, when posting the historical
event that matches the September 15 date I used the "DEPARTURE"
of the Shekinah Glory date being September 15 which was WRONG.
The CORRECT event was the ARRIVAL of the Shekinah Glory which
was a significant event that occurred on September 15 during the
DEDICATION of SOLOMON'S TEMPLE. This, according to 1 Kings
8:2 & Lev. 23:33.
So, with the ARRIVAL of the Shekinah Glory Cloud on September
15, makes it immensly significant IMO. If the Tribulation were
to begin on that date, that would mean Jesus' arrival would
occur on that same date - the Feast of Tabernacles. Also, the
fact that it's possible the Anti Christ would begin his 7 year
rule on that date makes sense as well as he would love to convince
the world that he is indeed the true man of peace that has come
to bring peace to the world as he "tabernacles" with humanity.
Again, time will tell.
Loving the wait,
sweetbyand byx2@yahoo.com