Joe Chappell (19 June 2016)
"White Triangle Dream"

Dear Doves, June 18, 2016
About ten days ago, I had an unusual dream. I woke up in the middle of the dream, and almost immediately fell back asleep. I reentered the dream, and it expanded , right where I left off. This happened at least three times. I awoke, I went back to sleep, and the dream continued. It was about 3am. Never experienced anything quite like it. I cannot shake this dream. It wasn't scarry, just puzzling. I also felt that the dream wasn't complete, and that someone will read this and know the interpretation, and the rest of the dream, or maybe point me to someone with a similar dream.
I was holding something in my hand. It was about 18" long, and flat. It was about 2" wide, and maybe 1/4' thick It was rounded on both ends. It was white thru and thru, and felt light like plastic.
I woke up for a minute or two then went back to sleep. The dream resumed. Now the white thing in my hand expanded exponentially, it could have been miles long, but still the same proportions. It was obviously some sort of border. I woke up again for a minute or two and then went back to sleep.
The dream continued. Now there were three of these white things , Identical in size and length. They were parallel I think, but coming together. I woke up again, was concious, then back to sleep.
Now the dream continued and the three long white pieces formed a triangle. It was huge, and obviously formed a border of something. I asked , " what does this mean"? I heard the words plainly, "West Virginia". The dream ended, but I was still dreaming a new dream. In this dream, I was considering the things in the first dream. I had many questions, but there were no answers, just a definite sense that the whole undrerstanding was being withheld from me. I wondered if the name West Virginia was one leg of the triangle, or was it one of the three points? Any assistance on this would be appreciated.
Doves....? joechappell

P.S. I don't live in West Virginia, I have never been there, and don't have any connection. I live in Florida.