Isaac S (5 June 2016)
"Why 2017 could be the beginning year of end times"


Hello John and doves,

This is Issac Samuel from India. I am interested in Christian Eschatology subject and I feel God himself kept that interest in my heart.

I had been following five doves for quite some time and found many interesting articles. At the same time, various people in the group attempt to predict the rapture, time and again and they are all trying to set a date based on various theories and nothing happened as such. Hence, I thought of giving some basic revelations that I got from Holy Spirit through Bible. If you find it worthy, you may publish this in fivedoves site.

When I thought about rapture, I could feel this is the season but I dare not set a date. The very important fact for rapture to occur is the revealing of Antichrist has to happen first as per 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and I believe it didn't happen yet, though it could happen soon.

When I analyzed the Bible verses and the history I came up with following interesting facts about the number 17 and what it concerns with end time. Most of these points the doves would be aware of but I just thought of consolidating with fresh points.

Why 2017 could be the beginning year of end times?

1. The Fig tree parable - The decision to give independence to State of Israel was taken in 1947. From that point, we reach 70 years in 2017. It is well known that 70 is an important number. Some biblical examples are 70 years of Babylonian captivity, 70 weeks of Daniel's end time prophecy, 70 elders along with Moses entered Mt. Sinai to worship God, 70 palm trees in Elim and 70 other disciples Jesus sent out as a pair.
70 = 10 x 7, where 10 is physical perfect number (10 plagues of Egypt, 10 commandments, 10 kings of Daniel's vision, 10 fingers on hands and legs.. etc) and 7 represents perfect completion (physical and spiritual realms). Same way, 17 = 10 + 7.

2. The six day war happened in 1967 and 2017 is at 50 year span.

3. As God told Noah, 120 years is time of man, 2017 is going to be 120th jubilee cycle.

4. 2017 falls under the Jewish year 5777. 5 represents grace and 777 represents full completion. So, it could mean that times of grace is coming to end and judgment time is starting.

5. As per Judah Ben Samuel prophecy, this will be the 10th jubilee cycle where Messianic end times would begin.

6. Based on the miraculous catch of 153 big fish. Number 153 is significant and 153 is made of as follows,
              153 = 9 x 17, where 1+5+3 = 9 and 17 is the remaining factor.

7. 153 is the 17th triangular number.

8. 1+7 = 8 - the number of Jesus Christ and it represents Salvation 1 Peter 3:20 and 2 Peter 2:5

9. 17 is the 7th prime number.

10. One personal revelation was when I was thinking of the above concurrences on 8th May 2016, Sunday  and walked into the church, the corresponding daily Bible reading chapter that day was Psalms 17. So, I believe this is confirmation from Lord Himself.

Except point 10, all others are simple factors but all pointing to 17. So, I strongly believe 2017 will be of greater significance for the end time events to unfold. Rapture may or may not happen but one thing for sure is the judge is standing at the door entrance. (James 5:9, Matthew 24:33). This is the time to raise our heads, to watch and pray and why not? Rejoice as well as our redemption is near.

Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. I Cor 10:12,  

If at least a single soul who reads this repents and come to Jesus, my joy know no bounds as that of heaven.

With love, your brother in Christ,