Frank Molver (26 June 2016)
"Trump Tower vision drawing 2012 re election in 2016"

Interesting that this vision seems to correlate with the prophecy given the same time just prior to Obama getting re elected. So  I think it is a confirmation. The Trump Tower is on the right.

I am pretty sure this is the Trump Tower in Chicago
One of the worlds taller buildings
You know the terrorists like to take down economic symbols
It is in Chicago where Obama started his power base from
It is Donald Trumps building, quite an egomaniac

The building has an antenna in a corner like the drawing, look at the link
On the drawing you will see it is roughly in the Chicago area.
8 April 2012/ 
This is the day of remembering Jesus Christ's resurrection,He had conquered the death,He will return as how He left,that is what we hope. 
God showed Jesus with thorn crown on His Head praying earnestly for the earth,the location was of Amercia
8 April 2012/ 
I thanked God for His prayer for our earth,God showed a skyscraper standing on the East of US,some satellites and a eagle were watching that
8 April 2012/ 
Link these two visions together,we can find that Jesus was praying for America.