Fay (5 June 2016)
"Turkey Incoming"


Scary stuff. Turkey is virtually blackmailing Europe into allowing visa free travel for all Turks. If Europe doesn't comply, Turkey will continue to allow migrants through to Greece. The UK is a magnet for migrants because of our living wage plus benefit system. Britain is already over crowded - our schools and hospitals buckling under the strain. THIS Turkey influx could well be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Couple this with Erdogan encouraging each Turkish female to have 4 children at least - plus their current population of 80 million...........!!!!! Add in the uncompromising, infidel (you and me) hating muslim religion and it's the perfect recipe for disaster. A BLATANT takeover of Europe by Islam. And our stupid, dense, idiotic, buffoonish politicians are allowing it. They are either on mind altering drugs *sarcasm* or they are deliberately aiding and abetting this takeover - right under our noses. A VERY important and informative article.

The so-called Revived Roman Empire (Europe) is on the point of utter destruction.