Fay (5 June 2016)
"KS Rajan re Czech Politician"

Wow. What a brilliant, honest article. No holds barred with nothing BUT THE TRUTH about Islam. We are so used to the obfuscation rammed down our throats via the media. This is so refreshing and new. I urge all Doves to read the article. Either Islam is destroyed and crushed or we are. It's as simple as that. Islam will NOT attempt to accommodate Christianity or any other belief other than their own twisted ideology. Therefore - for all of us non Muslims - it's crush or be crushed. Brilliant, brilliant article - I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The sad thing is that the brain washed adherents of this monstrous ideology don't realise how they are being used by the powers that be. They ARE the canon fodder (there are so many of them) and they are being used and abused in order for satan to achieve his fervent wish to destroy the Jewish people - the nation of Israel and then the Christians. Satan can't have intelligent, reasoning people in his army. They must be blind followers. Unquestioning puppets. They will never "live and let live". It's them or us.

Our politicians aren't brainless. They KNOW this - always have.

Czech Politician: West Will Have To 'Crush' Islam