Fay (26 June 2016)
"Ice Cold Reality"

This is a hard hitting article (short) that I recommend you read. The reality of the aftermath of the Brexit vote. The certainty that the EU will try to punish and humiliate Britain for leaving them. They HAVE to do this in order to retain their power - to avoid contagion. How the plop hits the fan when you dare to go against their tyranny. The British made a very brave decision but we will be made to pay for it.

The main gist of the article is the contagion this Brexit vote will mean for the global political elite waiting in the wings. This has put a major spoke in the wheel. Threatening their grip on power. Their dream of a one world government. Un elected and unaccountable. They will be savage in their revenge.

War is coming. This article lays out the probability of the Ezekiel war happening very quickly now. The elite have to move with great haste, to re-establish their authority and power base. They will NOT lie down and accept the will of the people.

By Matt Ward