Doug L (26 June 2016)
"A crisis and A calling forth"

We are in a great time of darkness in both the World and The Churches. We are in the final hour before the Great Judgment of God comes upon this planet. The signs should be apparent to all - as we can easily observe the events of our day.
For the World it is business as usual and the increase of darkness is simply tolerated and encouraged.
For the Christians the darkness presents a crisis and a calling forth.
The crisis is in The churches. The calling forth is to COME OUT... from among the unbelievers - those who are Apostate - the foolish who are not listening and not ready.
Those who are wise will be empowered by The Holy Spirit who will ensure that their personal lights continue to burn brightly through the dark night into God's presence.
The Marriage will soon take place between God and those who are ready when He calls them to come in.
The World will continue to get darker until all hope is lost - then Jesus will return for those that are His - who are alive and remain.