Mary Adams (28 June 2015)
"A Word of Warning"

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                          walking in darkness
Seek for the Light
a word of warning
Venom arises in the viper’s mouth.  His belly is unsatisfied. 
Safety from its fangs is hidden from those who behold the patterns of its beauty and call it harmless.  The fool would make friendship of it and take it into his house as a pet.  There they both eat from the same table and live together in the warmth of his fire. His sleep goes untroubled.
Yet the day arises when the fool discovers the latch on the door of the monster’s cage has been opened, and the beast now goes about, no longer satisfied with his meager rations.  It now desires a bigger feast: the hand that feeds it.
The Word has gone unheeded:  Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
The Spirit of God is warning and sounding an alarm.  Who will now remain in that house?  The fool?  The innocent children he taught to admire its beauty and stroke its leather?  The appeasing friendship he made is now become exposed as worthless. The beast is now loosed to strike at will and is slithering, not only in the house, but outside--- through the streets and along beaten paths, seeking whom he may devour. 
The forked tongue speaks in the beauty of the Garden once again.
As twilight is retreating into darkness, so are the days ahead and are even now. 
Come out from among them and be ye seperate saith the Lord.  Walk in the Light as the only sure safety.  No weapons will give defense from this monster, for the eggs hatched while in his prison now invade the earth around you and he is no longer an “endangered species”, but is filling its belly with earth’s people, and its brood covers the earth.  He grows larger and stronger.
Only those who know he abides in darkness will turn to  the safety of Light and walk in it.
Seek that pathway and flee from all darkness. Walk in the Light, as He (Jesus) is the Light.
While there is still time...
Note:  This message came to me in a dream yesterday and I was immediately awakened and urged to save in my laptop and send it to others.