Frank Molver (28 June 2015)
"American Pharaoh, the beast unleashed."

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Anyway, a fellow did a very interesting article re this
As some of you know the horse American Pharaoh won the triple crown.
Does that have any significance? is it some sort of clue, perhaps it is.
Prior to being first elected Obama and Hillary went to that very same race for the usual political photo op.
Both had their photo's by the horse they thought they would win.
Hillary chose 8 Bells because it was the only female horse.
Obama chose Big Brown.
Big Brown won and 8 Bells came in second.
In fact 8 Bells had to be euthanized on the track because it had broken its front legs
Very interesting article read it here.

So if America has a Pharaoh, then the exodus should not be far behind.
I did have a vision of this many years ago.
Lightning attacking the escaping dove.
A big celebration during a party time for a leader who has given those who hate God great power.
The beast has been unleashed,
redemption is near.
Put on your spiritual armour and stay away from that crowd.