Jim Bramlett (22 June 2014)
"Red heifer report"

Dear friends:

This morning, with amazing timing, just minutes after forwarding you the message about 18th Century Rabbi Vilna Gaon saying "when the Russians take Crimea, the steps of the Messiah will be heard," I received another very relevant message.  It said:
"I know you will be interested in this exciting information!  You may have already heard of this, but in January there was a spontaneous birth of a spotless red heifer.  The birth did not result from an attempted breeding of a red heifer, but occurred naturally!  The Temple Institute in Jerusalem is supervising her raising, to make sure she is raised according to Halacha, the Jewish religious laws.  They are attempting to keep her location a secret (but if you watch the video, and look up the name of the man who shot the video, you will find that her location is in Arkansas!).  This red heifer will be used to purify the 3rd Temple, and everything else for the temple is already prepared and waiting.... for the RED HEIFER!  The Bible specifies that the red heifer to be used for Temple purification is to be 3 years old.  This red heifer is 6 months old, so we should have about 2 and a half years before the 3rd and last Temple appears, the one that the anti-christ will desecrate!  Also, this is the 10th red heifer born throughout time, and Jewish thought is that the 10th red heifer will usher in the Messianic Age.  I have included a video about her that you can see below.
IF this little red heifer continues to prove spotless as she grows, this may be the most concrete sign yet to look up, for our redemption surely draws nigh!!"
See interesting and confirming Temple Institute video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byAoFbA6cr8

Hmmm.  What Rabbi Vilna Gaon said in the 18th Century is compatible with this red heifer news today.