Patty RP (28 June 2013)
"For Renee Moses"


Dear Renee Moses,

I have always enjoyed everything you have ever posted on Five Doves.  I do not understand why great writers like yourself feel like you have to "go away" and not post anymore...

No one...and I mean NO ONE...has EVER brought a book of the Bible to life for me the way you did with the Book of Esther.  I treasure everything you ever wrote about it.  Your commentary, and the pictures...transported me into a different place and time.  How I loved it.

It grieves me to think that people such as yourself feel the need to "go away" and not post anymore.  I hope and pray that is not the case...

I just want to go on record to tell you that I have appreciated all your work, everything that you have written.  As I said, no one has ever brought a book of the Bible to life for me, the way you did.

God bless you, Renee Moses.


Patty RP