Ian Williams (24 June 2013)
"Hello from Christchurch"


In 2011, I heard that the collapse and the calamities would start in earnest on the 17th of Tammuz, and that there would be three weeks of darkness and repentance and that God would give HIS LAW OF LOVE ANEW to His people.  That out of this sifting would come a Gideon’s Army of faith warriors, people who would walk in the Power of the Spirit and do only what their Father tells them to.
This is coinciding with the destruction of Damascus which will fall in one day, and so too then all the cities and strong towers of the world will be shaken and fall, Babylon will fall.
I was told recently that the whole world will turn against Israel and make her the scapegoat for the sins of the world, and that I should have no part in it whatsoever.  Rabbis in Israel have been telling their people this too, so I heard from folk I know in Israel.
I have had an ominous feeling about this week for some time, especially the 24th through to the 26th.
If you are from Singapore, then be warned.  When I fist saw the three towers there I saw a vision of them being destroyed by a Tsunami which I think will come from an EQ in the Banda Sea region, which will also wipe out Darwin.   Seek the Lord on this.
I Also think Wellington and the Wairau region of New Zealand is to be hit by a mega quake followed by volcanic eruptions, and that Christchurch is to be destroyed.  The Lord told me that this is the Eastern Gate, this is the “East” from where the Light shall come anew to the World.  On the eve of Rosh Hashanah 2008, I was commanded to go to the hills above our city and to pray for a great shaking – and then told to go to the place known in the Spirit as the Eastern Gate and to pray over the whole world and especially the TAARP Vote, and I knew it would fail.
He told me that he had given me authority as a believer over the world and to use that authority according to His will and purpose.   He said “I want you to have faith for the whole world” – and i sensed that we are to pray on behalf of all men everywhere, as they do not know how to pray or even who to pray to, so we pray “for them”.
Kind regards,

Ian Williams.