Hollis Caravetta (28 June 2013)

Thanks Jim,
Up in the Bible belt where you are there probably aren't too many Messianic Jews but here in South Florida we have many MESSY-anics.  I am a Jewish believer but will NOT affiliate with the messianic community because they always seem to go back to preferring the law and leaving grace. This has been in every single group of Jewish believers I have ever visited or been involved with. 
In my church we have Jewish believers such as myself but we are all comfortable calling Jesus just that...JESUS. With the messies- he must be called by His Hebrew name or it is not legit.  Some go so far as to deny salvation if you do not ask for it through various hybrids of Yehoshua, Yeshua, etc. (Gag!)
Other Jewish believing friends have had to lay aside their ministries because they got pressured to keep Sabbath, light candles, only use Hebrew names, etc. Even the women wear the masculine prayer shawls (tallit) and Gentiles join these groups being happily mesmerized and drawn to the law!
Then on the other hand we have well meaning and not so well meaning believers that try to demonize Zionism and rob the natural Israel of any of their right of redemption. All I can say is....OY VEH!
Hollis Caravetta
On Fire Ministries