Frank Molver (28 June 2013)
"Do not be a Victim, drawing"

This thought has been on my mind recently
Seems people come up to have prayer in church over and over for the same thing, usually some kind of personal emotional hurt.
Now King David wrote about this often but it seemed to me he eventually came to grips with the difficulty as he worked thru it in his psalm like prayers
But Paul also wrote about partaking of the sufferings of Christ
Some of that is being misunderstood and offended, even by those closest
Sometimes we also avoid our own responsibility of our predicaments by blaming others
But, mainly this victim mentality is just a clever scheme to get us side tracked and make our witness ineffective
Some one here recently wrote about shaking off the dust
I think that is a real good idea!
25th June,2013/
I prayed for those Christians who were discouraged and disappointed,and having conflict with others.Let us wait for God with a loving and joyful heart.
God showed a cooking pot with boiling water with steam above a fire.With words,"Water experienced the fire,becomes steam! Subject transformation."