DP (28 June 2013)
"Brittany's phone call"

To my friends and those who have prayed for my daughter Brittany and myself and family,
Brittany went to Teen Challenge on the 13th of June. She has written us about twice............snail mail. She was allowed to call me on Father's day for a 10 minute call.

For these first 2 weeks she has not been allowed to make other phone calls. Well, the 2 week period ended today and Brittany called me and my wife. From now on she can make 2 phone calls/ 10 minutes each/ per week.

She was SO HAPPY to talk to us. We can go see her in 2 more weeks. San Antonio is about 75 miles south of Austin. She SOUNDED LIKE THE BRITTANY WE CAME TO KNOW WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER.........FILLED WITH LOVE.......BUT NOW AN ''ADULT'' VERSION.!

She is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from what she has been the last 7 years or longer. THIS IS A MIRACLE!

She says she is now ''hungry'' for God's word, and requested a Bible with several parallel versions in it....that we sent her.........and she rec'd it today. She was just so happy.

This TC program is a God program. It is a place she can have ''Christ formed in her''. All of her earlier teachings that we gave her as a child growing up, are coming out!

She even remembers the blessing I would say over her each night when she would go to bed....the one from Numbers....'the Lord bless u and keep u, the Lord make His face shine upon u and be gracious unto you,the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace''. I always ''added'' and ''bless your dreams, In Jesus' name''.

Please keep her in your prayers as she grows in the Lord.

God bless you for your friendship and prayers.