Charles Holler (20 June 2013)
"WARNING June 24/25 in 17th of Tammuz and The Lord gave me a Word"

Greetings John and Doves,
        The 17th of Tammuz starts the 3 weeks of mourning and is also when Moses destroyed the Ten Commandment tablets on the golden calf. Since then it has had numerous bad events happen on this date and ending on the 9th of Av a 3 week period of woe. It starts on June 25th at sundown in Jerusalem and that's at 7:48 p.m. For those in America it will be on the 24th at 12:48 p.m.(est) New York or 11:48 a.m.(CST) in Chicago, or 9:48 a.m.(PST) California. I asked The Lord last night(6-18-13) if He had a Word for me and He led me to Haggai 1:15a and I know that I know that He led me there and I was in awe. ( Hag 1:15  In the four and twentieth day of the sixth month,) I don't know what will happen but I feel it's really going to be bad and I want to warn everyone to draw especially close to Him for Divine protection for you and your families for this day.

Charles Holler Sr