Charles (21 June 2013)
"RE: charles holler warning June 25th summer solstice"


Charles to Charles I have been troubled in the spirit by the upcoming full moon the fact is that I saw a full moon before three days before a great EQ in califirnia maybe all over? But the sign I have not seen in the vision yet come to pass that is the hard part you see no time frame when but the combination of the full moon and the invertabrates washing up was the warning in the vision. The washing up was along a beach with railings above and steps walking down to the beach. The full moon was shining on the beach and in the moonlight I saw like a translucent daylight the starfish shining on the beach. The EQ in my vision occured three days after. The full moon the 22/23 of June will be the biggest of the year right after summer solstice. If this beaching occurs you may be the second witness that this vision may have some credence. Let us soberly watch and pray for mercy and the soon rapture.

It is equally freaky that GB not a Christian said on June 12th something would divide the nation. Again many read into this a physical division plus we are trying to divide Israel. I have watched full moon after full moon come and go and am trepidation to sound the full alarm instead I am just saying I think I was given very specific signs that will evidence themselves and we should watch and be aware.

Your feelings match my own of course this being a Thursday I hope we are discussing this post rapture together tommorow. Yet the sun shines and it all seems to go on.

Until the hour and day of the rapture.