VR2 (19 June 2012)
"The Impending Economic Collapse"

Dear Doves,

I just finished watching a very important video on the website, Before It's News.  The link is below.
It rang true in my spirit, so that's why I'm sharing it with you.  There is much info and good advice.  I could see the "handwriting on the wall" so to speak, and felt it important to pass along.  

I'm not familiar with James Wesley Rawles, but my ears perked up when at the end of his presentation he stressed the most important thing to have is a covenant relationship with God.

I pray the Lord Jesus Christ comes for His bride before we see "the worst case scenario" depicted in this message.  It's good to be prepared during the time leading up to the day when a one world leader will make his entrance onto the world stage as global ruler.  We are surely seeing some of the warnings and signs of the times we are living in.  Just the headlines alone on this particular website make my jaw drop.  I browsed the articles over the weekend and read things here i had not seen before....very thought provoking, and more importantly, need for prayer.

Here's the link: The Impending Economic Collapse With Survivalist James Wesley Rawles
I also noticed my local library has his book "Survivors" which looked like interesting reading in a fiction format.

Just a side note to John Tng....Thank you for your Five Doves website you so faithfully provide.  There is a plethora of great information from so many loving, kind, encouraging and helpful people who love the Lord and love others.  This is truly a breath of fresh air which nourishes and sustains us in so many ways, especially spiritually.  

Thanks again and can't wait to one day SOON meet you and the other doves as we sing praises together in glory to our Savior, our King of grace, our Messiah, Yeshua, our victorious Jesus. Oh, Hallelujah!

God's favor and blessings,