Ryan (14 June 2012)
"message from God?"


I would like to share with you what i believe to be a sign from God concerning coming events.  I should preface this with another message the Lord gave me over a year ago (approximately June 2011).  The recent sign seems to be a confirmation of the sign i recieved about a year ago.  So, about a year ago a long lost friend called me up and asked if i could attend his brothers wedding, which was kind of unusual because i didnt know his brother but i said yes anyway.  On my way to this wedding i saw multiple signs that led me to believe that July would be a time of crisis orchestrated by God.  At the time i thought it could have meant July 2011 as the signs didnt specify a year only the month of July (If you want to know what these specific signs were please ask).  After the wedding i didn't hear from this long lost aquantence up until just recently (a couple of weeks ago June 2012).  We talked about maybe catching up to work on some music etc.  It's kind of like God was saying "remember that guy who invited you to the wedding, well i've made him contact you again exactly a year later".  On my way home from work recently (about 2 weeks ago) i see a car with a large sticker that said "Chaos divine".  This sticker got my attention as i had been asking God for information about coming destruction.  After seeing this car it sped off ahead of me and i didnt get to see it for long.  But i felt God say you will see that car again but this time pay attention to the number plate.  I did see that car again and this time i read the number plate.  It said "1asx 244".  I'm in Australia so the ASX part refers to the Australian Stock Exchange (it is literally refered to as the ASX here in Australia).  Initially i was unsure of what 244 means but i think what the whole thing was saying is an order of events as in 1. ASX and then 2. 44.  Maybe God is saying an economic crisis will occur followed by some mysterious event called "44".  I've been trying to work out what 44 means so i prayed about it and asked some people who i thought might know.  Two people i asked seem to think it refers to the rapture event but me personally i simply don't know for sure yet.  Something that is interesting is that someone who i watch on youtube occasionally was posting some videos how she keeps seeing the number 44 as if God is trying to tell her something (i hadn't told her about my 44 experience at this time).  This particular person thinks 44 refers to the rapture but this particular person is always talking about the rapture so it's hard to know if should take her advice on the matter (i know she means well and loves God)  So what yall think?