Rowina (30 June 2012)
"A and O Report will cease publishing if no help arrives"


I know some of you read Richard Coombes' A and O Report.  Perhaps you do not know that Richard has had to move out of his house and may cease publishing due to finances.  This is particularly hard because his health is not good.

It strikes me as absurd that this good source of news and analysis will cease.  I know there are other sources of news and analysis,  which are soundly Biblically based and independent of mercenary gain.  But Richard has been faithful as well as intelligent.

I can't give to any ministry any more--must save money to possibly evacuate during this fire season, for the third year since 2000.
But I am going to send a small donation to Richard just to thank him for his years of service. And hope that A and O will be able to restart publication due to a new source of donors sent by the Lord.

If you want to google his website, be sure to put "prophecy" in the subject line after A and O Report,
since there are other reports, not connected with prophecy, which use these letters, and thus the A and O Report sometimes disappears from the list.

Pray for Richard Coombes, please.