Roberto (19 June 2012)
"rapture dream"


Dear John Tng and precious Doves ,     I have delayed sending this dream in fear and trembling.        In the dream all my surroundings are emanating beautiful light, no shadows, no adversity,  only the knowledge of complete and utter truth.       I see written in the sky the following message.       THE FAKE PASSOVER,      THE EATING OF CAKES,     IT WILL HAPPEN THEN.                  Above the message I saw what appeared to be round cakes rotating across the sky anti clockwise together with this message which repeated itself over and over again until I began to wake up.  As I began to awaken dark and ugly tendrils crept in on the beautiful scene until I was fully conscious and the brown darkness was now everywhere, representing this fallen world.                       Doves I pray that Yahwe Father in Heaven in Jesus Name bless you All and those of you who feel led to interpret this dream please do so.                   Much Love to you ALL,    Roberto.