Paul H (19 June 2012)
"The Cross in the Heavens (Correction)"

Dear John and Doves,
I thought you might like this screen shot of the constellation of Taurus-Aleph which is a picture of Yahushua Messiah. In it we see Venus ( Jesus The Bright Morning Star) Jupiter (The King of Righteousness) The star in the right eye Aldebaran (Blessing) and the Moon which seem to form the shape of a cross. If we see it, I hope it will be from a heavenly angle. I like how when you draw a line through Venus and Jupiter it touches the Pleiades (The Seven Churches-Sisters) the star grouping found in the shoulder neck area.
God Bess You All
Yours in Christ
Paul H
Correction: this will occur not on the 7th as posted but the 15th of July 11.30pm Jerusalem time 2012. Sorry Paul H