Patti C (30 June 2012)


Hello Mike and all Doves,

Mike, thank you so very much for sharing an update about Nibiru…I have been wondering what is happening with that situation and found the study you pointed to extremely interesting!!  The pictures are incredible and frightening at the same time.
What is so very amazing is the timeline of events that this study puts forth, and how they line up with so many other posts about the end of July and the 9th of Av.  If we are raptured on or around that time it would fit perfectly with a RAPTURE/SUDDEN DESTRUCTION scenario!!

Also, it would fit extremely well with a 7 year time of major tribulation…that the world has never seen before!!

So, I have copied the timeline of its passing for all those who may not have read the article yet, with emphasis on the date of AUGUST 3, 2012, when it crosses earth’s orbit.  If we are to depart near the end of July, it would only be a few days before it really gets ugly!!

28 June 2012: (Yesterday) Nibiru finally let’s go of Saturn. The ringed planet had been in its magnetic grip for over a year and a half. Mars continues to flee from Nibiru even as the object, right on the red planet's heels, crosses its orbit.

3 August 2012: Nibiru crosses Earth's orbit. It begins to close in on us as its forward speed continues to be accelerated by the Sun's pull.
20 August 2012: It crosses Venus orbit.

11 September 2012: it reaches perihelion to the Sun. This marks the most intense stage of the long battle between these two titans. Their magnetic, electric and even radiation (light) fields come into direct opposition and the effects of such a monumental clash will certainly reverberate across and be felt by all the planets in the vicinity.

27 September 2012: Nibiru comes directly between the Sun and Earth. Unlike Elenin a year earlier, it sits right on the ecliptic and will therefore cause a great solar eclipse. The Earth will now be very much at the mercy of this immense object's magnetism. At this point and since several days prior as Nibiru drew nearer, Earth should already be tipping severely and abnormally as its north pole is repelled by Nibiru's at the same time its southern counterpart is attracted.

Nibiru totally eclipses the Sun. The Earth is now completely exposed to its reverse polarity magnetic field.
Middle: The magnetic field forces the Earth to tip by either 90... Bottom: ... or completely turn over by 180!
In addition, Nibiru's clockwise-rotating electromagnetism could also force our planet to spin in the same direction. Our planet’s counter-clockwise spin is induced by electrical currents generated by the condensation of its magnetism. Earth's EM was given to it by our Sun, which also spins clockwise. If Nibiru manages to overcome our Sun's EM influence, it could force the Earth to reverse its rotation. Effectively, this would make the Sun rise in the west and set in the east!

16 October 2012: Nibiru reaches perigee. At this proximity of 0.232 AU, it is close enough to exert 72% of the magnetic influence of the Sun. However, it is likely that Earth will not be flipped by 259 but rather there may be an equilibrium reached between Nibiru's north pole repelling our north pole and attracting our south pole and its south pole repelling our south pole and attracting our north pole. Effectively, the Earth could be completely turned upside down by 180 from its natural inclination. We will also be receiving glancing blows from the Sun's super-massive flares at this point.
22 November 2012: Nibiru aligns with Earth and the Sun. It will also be trying to pull Earth with it out of the solar system. This will be a literal tug-of-war between it and the Sun.
Unfortunately for us, as Earth comes between the Sun and Nibiru it will be caught in the crossfire of the magnetic, electric and radioactive exchange flaring between them.
It is then that we will be in position to receive the full brunt of the energies from both objects at the same time!

21 December 2012: The infamous date sees the Earth approaching an alignment between the Sun and Elenin, and Nibiru also aligning between the Sun and Jupiter - all from the same general direction in space. It's as if the objects have conspired together to pull at the Sun. The magnetic stress on the star must be immense, especially with the combined forces of the two largest bodies (next to the Sun) in the solar system, Nibiru and Jupiter, involved! Note: at this stage the distance between Nibiru and its Elenin should be decreasing as Elenin is decelerating while Nibiru is accelerating as it has just been flung out of the inner solar system by the Sun.

28 December 2012: the double alignments are perfected.

28 July 2013: Nibiru approaches Jupiter in what looks like a head-on collision course!

5 August 2013: Nibiru's magnetic shell slams into Jupiter! This makes Jupiter the first and probably only planet in the entire solar system to experience the full brunt of the strongest and most intense magnetic forces whirling within Nibiru's 'inner eye wall'. Note that this is NOT a solid on solid collision because the solid core of Nibiru, the planet itself, is more than 0.1 AU (14,959,800 km) away from Jupiter, which is still a considerable distance (almost half the distance between Venus and Earth's orbits). Of course, Jupiter will try to put up a (futile) fight with its own magnetic field but with Nibiru's magnetism being 41.3 times stronger this is no contest! It's therefore a complete no-brainer who will win this match.

20 August 2013: Jupiter is trying to escape from Nibiru's inner eye wall. It may be able to do so because Nibiru is thankfully losing forward momentum at this point. Jupiter, being the largest planet in the solar system, is the only one capable of at least surviving (albeit not unscathed) this extremely intense encounter.

3 September 2013: Jupiter is slowly but surely drawing away from the clutches of the inner eye wall, even as Nibiru itself crosses the Jovian planet's orbit at approximately 0.2 AU or 29,919,600 km behind it. Nibiru's speed has also been reduced significantly by the encounter with Jupiter, meaning it will take even longer before it finally leaves our solar system.

11 September 2013: Jupiter finally escapes. This might be a good time to observe the damage dealt to the gas giant.

22 November 2013: The inner solar system is still within Nibiru's magnetosphere.

1 January 2018: Nibiru and Elenin are both on their way out of the solar system.

1 January 2018: Nibiru and Elenin are both on their way out of the solar system.
Nibiru's magnetosphere finally begins to recede from the inner solar system and should completely depart from it sometime during 2018, after wreaking havoc over the course of seven undoubtedly tumultuous years since 2011.

The weaker and larger part of Nibiru's magnetic field (the outer 'rain bands', indicated by the red circle), however, should continue to affect us for many years to come just as it did in the years and decades leading up to 2012.

The only difference is that instead of the effects getting worse, because Nibiru was then on an inbound trajectory, they will be waning, because the colossal object is moving outbound at this point.


Thanks again for sharing that informative and timely article Mike!
The puzzle pieces are fitting, the dominoes and the dots are all lined up, and there will be fireworks in the heavens!!!  This all lining up with war in the Middle East, the London Olympics and the 9 of Av!!

The whole picture is almost complete…we can count the days and to our GLORIOUS DEPARTURE!!

As a side note to all this…the home I am living in has been foreclosed on and I will have to be out of here by August 1st…..I may not have to look for another place to live!! 

Much love and blessings to all of you incredible doves, you have been my home away from HOME!!  Cannot wait to meet you!!

Patti C.