Mike Curtiss (19 June 2012)
"The Destiny of the Kingdom's Being Decided Now"

Dear Doves,

       Let's reason together Sister's and Brother's. No other passage of scripture outlines the
battle plan that Evil has against God's people prior to the Second Advent and the ultimate
salvation of all mankind better than Psalm 83. 
       The ravings of the Iranian president coupled with the treasonous behavior of the deceiver
Obama really puts the onus upon the people of Israel and the Children of God. When will 
we turn back to Jesus and accept Him as the last hope for fallen man? A proud and stiffed
necked people, the Israeli's and the faithful remnant of American people will be pushed
toward extinction before they cast off their weapons and place their trust in the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob.
       As the children of God almighty, we are called to make straight the pathway for the coming
Kingdom of God. Now, before anyone accuses me of taking up arms against the evil Regime
occupying Washington DC; I must remind you that we struggle not with mortal men, but 
against spiritual powers and principalities.
       You must make an eternal choice as you privately bend a knee before your God and your
King. Choose this very day whom you will serve. Then during subsequint hours of prayer 
hereafter, commit your prayers to the coming of Messiah Jesus and His soon coming victory. 
This is your calling as a soldier of Jesus Christ. That day has dawned the enemy has shown
his intentions for mankind with his creation of the Third Caliphate, which he's using the US
Military to create. Draw forth your most potent weapon and fight for the coming of the Son 
of Righteousness. 

                                                                 Mike Curtiss

Psalm 83: The Arab Spring Conspiracy

The supplication of Asaph to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was poignant to say the least.
The psalmist (a contemporary of King David) was begging God, pleading for justice against the enemies of Israel. Psalm 83:4 reads:
They have said, "Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more."
It is almost verbatim the kind of venom that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or any leader of the Muslim Brotherhood would spew out. But what is very interesting to serious students of biblical prophecy is the list of countries and people groups that follows.
Possibly struck by naivete or an overwhelming desire to refrain from sensationalizing the Bible to make it fit current events, I originally felt that the ten countries listed in Psalm 83 were a literary device used by Asaph to describe the great danger that Israel's enemies posed back in his days. While there is still some truth to that view, I am increasingly leaning towards a more literal view of a modern day concert of anti-Israel nations. A quick review of the countries at stake does paint a sobering picture:
  • The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab and the Hagrites; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assyria also has joined with them (Psalm 83:6-8)
  • The Tents of Edom are the descendants of Esau (Palestinian and/or Southern Jordanians)?
  • The Ishmaelites are the Saudi Arabians? Moab also corresponds to Palestinian and Central Jordanians?
  • The Hagrites are modern day Egyptians?
  • Gebal is Northern Lebanon?
  • Ammon includes Palestinian Refugees and Northern Jordanians?
  • Amalek would be the Arabs found South of Israel?
  • Philistia corresponds to the Gaza Strip?
  • Inhabitants of Tyre are found in Southern Lebanon
  • Assyria includes Syria and possibly Northern Iraq
  • The children of Lot is another way to describe Moab and Ammon
When put together, these countries form a conspiracy that geographically surrounds the Land of Israel in a way that cannot be ignored. The question remains that if this is to be a physical attack against Israel, will it occur during the future Great Tribulation or even sooner in our lifetime? With Jordan and Egypt currently at peace with Israel, maybe some would think that I am more of a doomsday hearer than necessary. Think again! Egypt
Psalm 83 and the Arab Spring
The situation in the Middle East has never been so volatile. Not to mention Iran's masqueraded race to nuclear power, our eyes should turn to Egypt and Syria and the current turmoil they are in. The "Arab Spring" turns out to be far from what the Western world thought it would be, as the tides of change from dictatorships to democracies, appear to have been nipped in the bud. But even before we turn to the current events of Egypt and Syria, it is worth remembering that within days of Lybia's Gaddafi death, Al Qaeda's flags were flying high over many government buildings. Democracy? I think not!
Egyptians are gearing up for a presidential election that is CRITICAL for the future of the Middle East region. The two candidates for President are Ahmed Shafiq (prime minister and former general under Hosni Mubarak's government) and Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi. Whichever way the scale tips will be far from the democracy hoped for by the instigators of the "Arab Spring". If the Muslim Brotherhood wins, like many think will happen, we can expect a quick turn of events punctuated by the implementation of sharia law and the annulment of the over two decades old peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.
Syria's predicament is only adding fuel to the fire, an increasing fire approaching a powder keg that would affect not only the Middle East but most of Western civilization. There are great concerns about again the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Syria if and when Bashar Al Assad is deposed.
A very interesting sequence of events has been delineated that identifies the false premise of democracy used by Islamists to implement sharia law in recently toppled Middle East countries:
  • Muslims begin protesting their evil leader
  • Evil leader cracks down
  • Muslims gain worldwide sympathy
  • Evil leader is deposed
  • US leaders suggest democracy
  • Muslims use Muruna (violating sharia to fool the West)
  • US / Western leaders oversee the transition to Islamic “Democracy” (moderate Islam)
  • Islamic Sharia Law leaders are elected
  • Democracy is abandoned
  • Sharia Law is established
Democracy in the Middle East only exists in Israel. Anywhere else it has just been a word used by the instigators of the Arab Spring and blindly promoted by the West.
So it appears that a literal fulfillment of the implementation of Psalm 83 might be closer to us than we might think. And after all, the Arab Spring might only be a means to an end. It might simply be the vehicle by which Satan is attempting to destroy Israel as anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are his ploy to turn the entire world against God's chosen people. Yet, God will not allow it and will destroy all who go against Israel as we read in Zechariah 12:9:
And it will come about in that day that I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
It is without a doubt much safer to be a friend than a foe of Israel. Our obligation as Followers of Yeshua (Jesus) to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3) militates against the events of Psalm 83, but then again, Psalm 83:5 also reminds us that those who hate Israel really hate God Himself and that is no position to find yourself in on Judgement Day!