Michael Colunga (7 June 2012)
"Tsunami dream off the coast of Florida"

Hello, John and Doves,
Here's proof, brother Jeff, that your dream is based in fact, not fantasy:
Baruch HaShem Adonai Roi,
Mike C.
Jeff Crisp (5 June 2012)
"Tsunami dream off the coast of Florida"

I felt compelled to share this dream with you and the Doves.  I sent an email to Ron a couple of months ago the week I had the dream wondering
whether to share it or not.  Now I see others are having dreams about an Atlantic tsunami as well which leads me to believe I may have witnessed a
future event, perhaps many more have dreamt it but are silent.   God's Judgment is upon us, the administration is forcing birth control on the Catholic Church's, schools and hospitals.
Israel is being forsaken and I feel as if our government is setting up Israel for failure when Syria and Iran force a conflict that will draw Putin and Russia into the fray.  When that
happens God will punish this county.   Perilous times are ahead I feel, but it is Prophesied. 

Dear John and Doves,

I have been troubled greatly by a dream several months ago that ties into another dream I had some time back which seems to be of the same event. Recently I have felt compelled to share this information with the Doves and unburden my heart with it. 

The first dream was over a year ago and I was on a boardwalk running parallel to
a beach and it was in an undeveloped area, possibly along a stretch of beach that could be
a state park but it was unmistakably the Atlantic coast  that was for certain.  The boardwalk seemed to be a mile or more long. Off the coastline I witnessed a large wall of water coming in and the tsunami was about 60-80 feet high, I was engulfed in the wall of water and was thrown about but felt no fear and then I woke up.  I could not determine the exact location of that dream, it was a place I was unfamiliar with but the details of the location seemed vivid at the time and I
was positive it was the Atlantic coast.

About two month ago I had a dream where I witnessed a large earthquake off the eastern coast of Florida.  I was so troubled with this dream, I emailed Ron Reese that week sharing it with him and getting his perspective if I had a vision or not.  In the dream it was as if I were above the earth and I could see the epicenter of the quake that looked to be 150-200 miles out in the ocean off the northern tip of the Florida coast.  In my dream the quake registered 7.5 on the richter scale, that seemed clear.  Then in my dream I was transported down to earth and in a small community that again I did not recognize.  I was in a home and the earth shook greatly and I looked about and there were a few people outside looking around in confusion, military jets started to fly low overhead.  Then my dream had me in a car driving on a small two lane road in a tidal marsh area with big live oaks and tidal creeks on both sides of the road, It reminded me of Beaufort, SC or Kiawah Island, SC.  Suddenly a huge tidal surge came in and washed my car off the road and I swam to and held on to a large tree.  The time of the year seemed to be late summer, the water was not cold. The tidal surge was not catastrophic but I felt as if I were at least a mile or two from the coast line and the tsunami from the big quake was powerful enough to wash inland along the tidal marsh areas.  Then at the end of this dream Amelia Island was being pronounced over and over in my head repeatedly.  What shocked me about this was that I have never had a dream where the name of a location was conveyed in such a strong manner and more importantly, I have never visited or really ever heard of Amelia Island.  When I woke up I was repeating Amelia Island and thinking this was a dream about a future event.   I had to look up Amelia Island because I did not know the location.  To my surprise it is located on the GA/FL border and in my dream that is where I saw the epicenter of the quake directly offshore.   Sometimes we dream of things subliminally after watching a tv show or talk about a subject that day.  To have this dream be so strong and about a specific place that I never knew about be pounded into my conscious leads me to think it could have been a prophetic vision.  I think everyone is concerned about the increase in number and severity of earthquakes and most think California or the west coast is the most likely place for this to occur in the U.S.  The Bible states that in end times earthquakes will occur in diverse places, after witnessing the Port-Au-Prince Haiti earthquake we know this to be true, an earthquake of that magnitude was not expected in the Caribbean. If a tsunami was produced only 150 miles off the southern Atlantic coast by an earthquake there would be no time to prepare, the surge would hit the coastline in less than an hour.  From the outer banks of NC to Miami the Atlantic shoreline is a big concave bowl shape and would absorb all the impact of a large tsunami.   Perhaps if my dream was a vision of the future then it comes towards the end of the Tribulation after the Rapture.   If anyone else is having vivid dreams where they think they are seeing future events please share with the rest of us.  To all Doves, please gather the remaining unsaved people you know and lead them to Christ Our Savior, we are running short on time.  Come quickly Lord Jesus!


Jeff Crisp