Michael Colunga (5 June 2012)
"Methuselah had to die first..."

Hello, John and Doves,
Here follows a short quote from the Parshah Noach [October 20, 2012--4 Cheshvan 5773, October 5, 2013--1 Cheshvan 5774, October 25, 2014--1 Cheshvan 5775, and October 17, 2015--4 Cheshvan 5776, to name a few dates].
"And Rabbi Jose of Caesarea taught that the words, "he turns not by the way of the vineyards," indicate that as the people worked in their vineyards, they asked Noah what prevented God from bringing the Flood at that moment. And Noah replied that God had one dear one, one dove, to draw out before God could bring the Flood. (That is, the aged Methuselah had to die first, so that he would not suffer the punishment of the Flood)."
Baruch HaShem Adon Adonai Tsevaot,
Mike C.