Mathman (7 June 2012)
"On June 4, 1989 (6489), the Tiananmen Crackdown occurred!!  On June 4, 2012, the 23rd Anniversary, Shanghai Index fell EXACTLY 64.89 points from 2346.98!!"


Dear Doves,


This is amazing!!  Check out the strange market occurrence that just happened that echoes of the Tiananmen Crackdown on June 4, 1989, this being the 23rd year anniversary (wherein 23 is the Biblical number for death):


Here is a brief excerpt from the article:


“HONG KONG — The Shanghai Stock Exchange produced an uncanny — and politically delicate — numerical result on the 23rd anniversary of the military crackdown in Tiananmen Square, an odd echo of a tragedy that China’s leaders have tried desperately to erase from their country’s consciousness.

The index fell 64.89 points on Monday, a figure that looks like June 4, 1989.  In yet another unusual development, the index opened on Monday at 2346.98 — a figure that looks like the date of the crackdown written backward, followed by the 23rd anniversary.

Given how ruthless the Chinese are and how heavily supervised there people, this random market occurrence is nothing short of eye-opening.  So much so, that it was one of the top stories on the NY Times today!!  But it wasn’t just ANY exchange this took place at – no, it was the Shanghai exchange!!  Shanghai is the location of the Chinese main stock market.  For this to occur on this particular date with such perfect amounts as just random would be simply astronomical.


Is this yet another sign from the Lord that our time is RAPIDLY running out?  The fact that the NY Times of all places reported on it so heavily is simply astounding.


Surely our redemption draws EXTREMELY near!!  MARANATHA!!


YbiC, MathMan