Mari (23 June 2012)
"To: Michelle S"


Hi Michelle. I had a similar  dream but not about a wedding.I asked the Lord for a confirmation of a soon rapture and this is what i got:
I had reservation at a high class restaurant for dinner.I went there to confirm that i was on the waiting list.I went through one door and wanting to go all the way through the restaurant to the other side where the reception /information desk was.The waitress wouldn't let me go through.She kept telling me because i wasn't dressed appropriately and there was no way i had reservation at that high class restaurant.I kept pressing on and asked to please let me go to the reception.In the same time i was taking steps towards that direction really wanting to find out.When i finally got there i quickly asked if i am on the waiting list for dinner.The person said :YES!The Clarks!You are booked in for 6:00 pm.The waitress was so surprised!I told her:"see,i had reservation!" and i went off the door...