Leigh (19 June 2012)
"to Esther, John, Doves confirmation of RAPTURE??????"


Thankyou so much Esther, I read The Mystery Unlocked that very same night and prayed a lot asking GOD to confirm the date of 24 July 12 for us. At first the words jumped out to me: Be in contact with GOD for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then 12 months a year. I then took the the figures and multiplied it which gave me the year 2012. On Friday night I looked at Dr Owuors schedule for 24th July but there was nothing. I then emailed the author, Mark, which said to me Jesus will break through the clouds on that day. Then I took this date which he says is the 1335th day and subtracted 1260 and got the date of 10 May which is the date that the CLOCK-guy said that GOD had him find a document dated on the 11th of May 1942 which was the starting date of the last generation. On Sunday night I had a short just in a flash vision of JESUS standing by an open, I saw the door as well, cave where I saw a few coffins, more like the old-fashioned type. Then I went to Dr Owuors site and guess what!!!!! He will be in Beijing China on the 24th!!!!. I was totally shocked. When I opened the BIBLE I read I Sam 3 where Samuel thought Eli called him and the fourth time he said Here I am Lord. Did I misunderstand the voice of the Lord who showed me all these signs???  I heard the Holy Spirit said : Blessed are those who believe without asking for a sign. Did I feel bad, knowing I was asking GOD all the time for a confirmation!  This afternoon I listened to Paul Begley who says we are entering the end of Daniel chapter 11 with "tidings from the North -Russia and East- China. We know the the resurrection of the dead happens in chapter 12..... Everybody and I mean everybody, even on Facebook doesnt believe that this is the truth, maybe I am the only one. What do you think, DOVES???  Id so much like some feedback and what you think about this information. PLEASE COME LORD JESUS!!!! Love you all  Leigh.