Kimberly (23 June 2012)


I prayed, I had a dream and then, the next day I feel that I was led to something in the book of Proverbs.  Below is Part 1, the prayer and the dream.  See my next letter for something that I was shown and I believe it pertains to the antichrist.  I’ve titled it “Proverbs 26:23-28 and the Antichrist”.

Approximately 5 weeks ago, one night I spent a very long time in prayer.  I prayed for myself and my husband and our families; the usual things and thanked the Lord for all of the things he does for us.  Then I just talked to the Lord about all of the things that bother me and I talked to him about understanding his word.  I didn’t ask him for any signs, but asked for more wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

Then I finally went to sleep and I had a dream.  I dreamed that I was in a house, in the kitchen.  In reality, this was a house that we had rented about 20 years ago.  I opened one of the kitchen drawers and noticed a few things in it that I had never seen before and I really couldn’t tell what the objects were.  I thought to myself, I’ll have to look at this later.  I was really drawn to look in the drawer that was caddy-corner to it, so I closed that drawer and realized that the one I was most interested in, no longer had the drawer front on it.  I could look directly into the drawer without opening it.  There were amber colored objects and some silver colored objects in it.  There were 3-4 of each kind.  I can’t remember the shapes of the silver colored ones.  The amber colored ones were similar to glass, but more opaque.  They were rectangular in shape, but not flat and they appeared to have something like knobs on the short ends.  I didn’t get a very close look at them before I woke up (my husband woke me up when he got up to go to the restroom).  I had the vague impression that they were shaped like scrolls, but I can only remember there being one knob at each end.  I looked at some pictures of Jewish scrolls and when they are inside a case, some of them do have 1 knob at each end.

The link below shows one that was shaped like the one in my dream, except for the number of knobs.

This one shows a scroll case with one knob at each end.

This is a picture of a Mezzuzah case that also has a similar shape.

The next morning, I had been reading 5 doves’ letters, and there had been discussions on a few of the verses in the book of Daniel, over the past several days.  I looked up Daniel 9:27 and found a cross reference on the word abominations.  It is in Proverbs 26.
Starting at verse 23, the "man of sin" comes to mind. Verses 25-27, especially, caught my attention.

See my next letter “Proverbs 26:23-28 and the Antichrist” to see what I discovered.

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