Jimmy (22 June 2012)
"Andrea..Tu B' Av"


I am not trying to speak for Mathman, and I will see perhaps tomorrow like everyone else if there is a type of planetary alignment for a marriage? With that said upon looking at different articles on the board it is interesting that Steven K..wrote that Rabbi Kaduri is quoted as saying that Jesus will come in 5772 during the month of Av. Five days after the 9th of Av is Tu B' Av (Aug 3), which several people on this board have done an outstanding job of research through the years. It is considered the Jewish Valentine's day, but for me to describe it as such is really an injustice. It is a day very rich in "type" the tribe of Benjamin was allowed to snatch a bride on this day, and if I am not mistaken every year in the wilderness the Israelites would dig a grave before Tu B' Av and sleep in them, and then the announcement would be made the next morning about "Let the Living Arise".  After years in the wilderness the very last Tu B' Av no one died so they stayed in their graves thinking they had miscalculated, and about 5 days later they realized everyone who was suppose to die had, and it eventually through the course of time became a celebration..Food for Thought ..Let the Living Arise and the Snatching of a Bride..Sounds Good to Me...Jimmy  

Andrea, they actually slept in their graves over the 9th of Av, and 5 days later was Tu B' Av the day that became a celebration. I didn't write that very clear. Thanks, Jimmy