Jean Stepnoski (28 June 2012)
"Summer 2005 to Summer 2012: Expulsion from The Covenant Land Plus 7 Full Years"

Dear Doves,
      We are approaching Momentous Anniversary Days since the expulsion from The Gaza and West Bank communities 7 years ago. On Tammuz 29, 8-5-2012, a declaration was made that residents of these areas were to choose to permanently leave, evacuate, be willfully self expelled by the date 9 DAYS later, of sunset on 8-14, the night portion beginning Av 9. If any residents remained after this date and time, they were subject to expulsion by force, on the daylight portion of Av 9, or within days. Tammuz 29, 8-5-2005, was the  date of COMMAND for the ABSOLUTE DEADLINE OF JEWS OUT. A red letter day. True to promises, residents were taken by force, expelled by others, from Av 9 and days later. My memory was faulty, I believed that Katrina began to form as a tropical depression on The FIRST DAY OF FORCED EXPULSIONS. I believe it was on day 9 from Av 9, Av 18, on 8-23 when Katrina began to form. People were warned for 9 days, then taken away by force for 9 days. The date of 8-23, logically would have been either the day all residents were out of The Gaza, or out of there and the affected communities in the West Bank, as well. THE LAST DAY. Then Abba Father began to RESPOND to the DIVIDING OF THE COVENANT LAND and the expulsion of HIS PEOPLE with the beginnings of Katrina as a tropical depression.
All of the residents and security forces were gone from all areas as of 9-22-2005. Probably one of the last things to have done was take down the flag of Israel at the last command post.
      What are some of these anniversary dates in 2012? We have Tammuz 29 (then 9 DAYS), then Av 9 (then 9 DAYS) until Av 18 (a 666 day). The anniversary date of Tammus 29 will be 7-18 to 19, after 9 days will be Av 9 on 7-27 to 28, and then after 9 days will be Av 18 (6 plus 6 plus 6) will begin the evening at sunset on 8-5 and go through 8-6. Remember the anniversary date of 8-5-2005? That was the date for THE PROMISE of the setting into process THE FINALITY OF SELF EXPULSIONS OR FORCED EXPULSIONS INTO THE FINAL STAGES. Some ask if the last 7 years have been for judgments on America. If we read Genesis and details about the Abrahamic Covenant carefully, we learn about blessings for nations which honor the Covenant and curses for those who  break it. How might curses be like or unlike judgments? What was all this called 7 years ago? Land for Peace: Phase One. Is there peace there? Is there shalom? Blessings or Curses? These are Anniversary Days of Consequence for America, especially with the Completion of a Full 7 Years. In The Scriptures, 7 is an important number to represent Completion. Might one of these days be linked to the Completion of The Age of Grace? We shall know soon.
With Love and Shalom,