Frank R Molver (23 June 2012)
"Bill re small EMP on Iran and Augusto's vision, sketch"
Very fascinating article
That would open up a whole can of worms if that were to happen.
I did not know they had a low level EMP, but why not?
This might line up with a vision Neil shared re this.
He saw a coordinated quick attack by the US and Israel on Iran.
They went in and took out all the radar and communication stuff first.
They did this also in Libya but it took a while.
An EMP would make it very quick.
They then took out the nuke facilities.
This would put them back in the stone ages, so to speak, no electricity.
Neil Lipken (27 Dec 2011)

I am passing this on to my e-mail friends. I have been in touch with this gentleman by e-mail, Augusto Maquengo. He is from Angola, and lives in Tunisia ministering to Muslims to bring them to Israel's long-rejected Messiah (Christ). His life many times has been in danger, for as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, the Middle East is a "rough neighborhood". For those on my e-mail list who are "prayer warriors", you might keep this gentleman in prayer.



Dear Bride of Christ,

Today the 25TH Dec. 2011, after we finished praying at midnight prayers, I was shown a straight Vision of Nuclear War against IRAN. In the vision, I was taken to Iran in the air and from a distance I could see the Israeli warplanes flied very high in the Iranian airspace and bombarded the radars of Iranian airspace. As the radars of Iran were being destroyed, the Iranian army was in panic and started running to try to understand what was happening when the US and Israeli warplanes immediately bombarded the Nuclear facilities of Iran and I saw the clash of fire and huge smoke arise from the scenes. The Iranians tried to response with small guns but it was late, because the Israeli and US planes had already brought serious damage and destruction to their positions. I was surprised and I started saying: the Iranians boast of having missiles, how come they cannot respond to the attack??

Then I saw nuclear radiations scatter in the air of Iran through the dust and smoke. The attack on Iran was so fast that it caught the Iranians by surprise and they were unable to really do anything, then in few seconds, the planes of Israeli Army and the US Air force backup returned to their positions calmly with no counter attack from Iran. At this junction, I woke up and told my wife what I was seeing.

Brethren, this nuclear war is real and serious, I even thought it was happening today. Prepare yourself for the coming of the LORD and get ready in this end of the year because the LORD can come at any moment now.

Please be ready before you are caught in a net of surprise and lament your life for all the eternity.

>From the Soldier of the Lord and International Assassinator of Evil under the Order of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Commander-In-Chief

Bro. Augusto MAQUENGO


Notice the colors written on the nuke site, those are the colors of the NIS, US National Intelligence Service.

So who is really behind these things, got a clue?



1 December 2011/ Many military vehicles entering a zone of desert . A soldier was watching as a guard. Behind of that was that flag. I asked God when it would occur.