Frank R Molver (23 June 2012)
"Raul re daughters vision of AC and 2 witnesses, sketch"
I am so glad you came to share.
The bible is pretty obvious about the 2 witnesses as seen in the transfiguration on the Mt of Olives.
But yet we debate it.
I would like you to have your daughter to look at this sketch.
I think it might be what she saw in the tabernacle.
BTW, I was involved in a dig in 92 in Israel re that.
Looking for the temple articles hidden as noted in the copper scroll found by the Dead Sea scrolls.
It is said that the tabernacle of David was taken down and stored in the temple.
You don't think they would throw it away do you?.
There is a scripture that I could find later that states that the gentiles would help them raise again the Tabernacle of David.
So that fits your dtrs dream.
And yes, it could be erected very quickly.
Notice the 6 cans on the neck
1 December 2011/ A Africa decoration was hung at a desert. I asked God for more explanation about the.
Enter the AC below.
28 December 2011/ Behind of a bride's dress, there was a ox rushing towards in a festival. It puzzled us.So then I asked God if It meant that time is imminent like that. God answered,"Yes!"