Frank Molver (19 June 2012)
"Important, Ryan re God orchestrated chaos in July"
Great letter, thanks for sharing.
This July has several things that seem to be quickly evolving.
Orchestrated terror by God is an interesting term, but true.
I think I might have an answer for you re 44.
First you mention the ASX, Australian stock exchange, which would be significant to you.
and then it appears the 2 means the second thing would be 44.
Now that could mean 44 days later, or it could relate to something we have been following a long time.
That is the destruction of Damascus, which 444 is thought to mean.
The complete destruction, or perpetual destruction [nuke] of the worlds oldest continual city.
That means it has never stopped being a city until this coming event.
We all know that there is an economic crisis coming.
So your ASX may be a heads up for that happening in July
We also all now that something will happen in Syria soon
The dog seems to be cornered
You might want to look at this prophecy.
Now on the same day that you posted, Gerlinda posted an interesting video re London being like Jerusalem.
Those in London seem to think that Jerusalem spiritual importance was transferred there.
If you don't believe me watch the royals sing this song.
Look at the lyrics as the sing this song in the chappel during the recent royal wedding.
Will something happen on the 9th of Av?
That is the day of the opening ceremonies to the Olympics, a Friday, July 27
And lastly take a look at this post on the same day as yours
This is from Steven and has to do with the Fukushima disaster.
It was 444 days since the Fukushima disaster and it refers to contamination of tuna.
Nuclear contamination.
It is also the same day your letter appeared on the doves.
So I think this is referring to the economic disaster that will happen before the nuclear attack.
July may be very interesting.