Elliot Hong (23 June 2012)
"A Different Version of Love Story in the Sky"

Dear Doves:
Mathman's post "Love Story in the Sky" was fascinating!
I loved it and congratulation for Mathman.
And here is a different version which is summarized from Calvin's posts.
1) As Nisan began, I watched with my own eyes a vertical line up of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter.
    To me, Jupiter represents the King, so I thought it was a sign that Jesus as the King comes for His Bride.
    It was Jupiter that those wisemen followed to worship the King.
2) Then Venus moved very close to the Pleiades on April 3.
    Pleiades represents 7 Churches, and it was a sign that Jesus inspected them.
3) On May 5 there was the Supermoon which was bigger and brighter about 15% than normal.
    It was a sign of the Chosen Bride who is about to be harvested.
4) We all know the Annular Eclipse occurred on May 20.
    There is no question that it meant a marriage announcement.
5) There was a Lunar Eclipse on June 4.
    It was a double sign of the coming Sudden Destruction and Harvest.
    On that day, Nigeria plane crash(sudden destruction) which killed 153(harvest) people occurred.
6) There was the transit of Venus on June 5/6.
    I agree with Mathman that it was a sign of Jesus leaving the Throne(Father) to get the Bride.
    On that day, as I woke up, I received a strong word in my spirit "It has begun!"
7) Mercury is about to leave Gemini along with the new moon on June 21-23.
    Mercury represents Gabriel, the Messenger and it's a sign that "Trumpet blowing" is about to happen.
See you soon,