Dee (23 June 2012)
"Re: Marilyn Agee"

We have the privilege of being directed to care for the orphans, the widows and the strangers.  When we obey, He blesses us with joy!  From Deuteronomy 24: 19 in the Old Testament to James 1:27 in the New, He makes His heart known about the tender care He desires the rest of us to provide for them.  Truly, being His hands (even His hands on our wallet, opening them up to give generously to Marilyn!) is an honor!

For those who choose to obey the call, you can easily give via Paypal at the following link:

As I write this, $880 has been donated, leaving only $470 left to help Marilyn get rid of this debt.  Alleluia, what a family we are part of! 

Blessings, dear brothers and sisters!   What a joy it will be for those of us watching the "total donation" grow, knowing Marilyn will receive peace of mind and freedom from crippling debt.